Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 things about yours truly

Oh yeah baby. I have made it. Who'uve thunk it? 100 posts.

So apparently I hear that when one reaches this magical number that we have to list 100 things about ourselves.

Sheesh. I hope I do not disappoint.

  1. I am female.
  2. I have blue eyes. (yes I know I am starting slow. Bear with me. I need to warm up)
  3. I have no idea what my natural hair color is. I'll have to inspect my roots better one day. Let's just say the color changes whenever I get it done.
  4. I am married to my high school sweetheart. ( I know, I know AWWWWWW!)
  5. We have been together for 11 years this year. (November 21st. Write it down. I'll wait.)
  6. We have created a perfect child together. The Bean. No, I am not biased. Of course his perfection level changes on a daily basis. Be sure to ask me on a good day 'kay?
  7. Small confession:I was pregnant when I got married. Yes, Bean was a surprise. There IS a story here. Apparently I figured that when one is on birth control then that person is covered for a few months AFTER coming off of it. Or so I was told. By a VERY unreliable source might I add. (They seemed reliable THEN in my defense!)
  8. I was in the middle of planning our wedding when the stick had a + sign. This is turn changed our date and we moved it up. Our date was set for April but we got married September 4th.
  9. I was 16 weeks pregnant when I said "I do". Bud and I are planning on having a vow renewal next year!!
  10. Bud LOVES to tell people we were married in a bar. In my defense it was a RESTAURANT. I swear. But yes it did have a bar in it. He exaggerates. A lot.
  11. I finished my last semester of college when I was pregnant with Bean. He was born 3 weeks after I finished.
  12. Bean was originally due February 22nd 2005. He had a different plan and arrived January 17th 2005.
  13. I had an emergency c-section.
  14. I was VERY sick with HELLP when I had Bean.
  15. His birth was both the happiest and scariest day of my life.
  16. I was 34 weeks pregnant when he was born. Luckily he was healthy. He weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches when he was born. Imagine if he had been full term.
  17. I was in the hospital over a week. It sucked. But this was not my longest hospital stay. See # 47
  18. I began my college career set out to be an elementary school teacher.
  19. Plans change. I became a history major.
  20. I love early American history and WWII. I recently became interested in European history. Especially the English monarchy. Fascinating stuff actually. It is JUST like a soap opera. Try it you just might like it.
  21. Okay yes I am a dork. I watch the History channel. Shut up it rocks.
  22. When people meet me they think I am an airhead. I love to surprise them.
  23. I also used to be told that I was not easily approachable because I looked like a snob. I am not. Those that know me well know this is true.
  24. I was born and raised a Navy brat.
  25. I am very supportive of our military. I know I have a greater appreciation for them since I know what it is like being a family member of one.
  26. My father, brother and brother-in-law are active duty in the military.
  27. I pray for them and all of the military everyday.
  28. I grew up in Southern Virginia. I love it there and know that one day it will be my home again.
  29. I have moved more with my husband that I ever did as a Navy brat. This baffles me.
  30. I have lived in Florida, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Southern Virginia.
  31. I love animals. I think my true calling was to be a vet. That will never happen. So I just try to convince Bud to let me have as many as possible.
  32. So far I have two Golden Retrievers and I adore them.
  33. One of my Golden's only has three legs. He was hit by a car last year. The car that hit him was my neighbor.He was speeding down a one way street and still has not come over to apologize. This was over a year ago. I believe that karma is a b*tch.
  34. I am a list freak. That does not mean I complete everything on them. I just like to write stuff down.
  35. I alphabetize everything. DVD's, books, spices. It is an illness. Or at least Bud swears it is.
  36. In fact, apparently this illness is SO freaky that I also have my closet color coordinated. Remind me to show you a picture sometime.
  37. I guess after stating the above two confessions you could come to the conclusion that yes, I thrive on organization. Bud does not. He thrices on chaos.
  38. I am a planner. I like to have things planned out. SO far in my life this NEVER happens. See # 8 and #16.
  39. It is a wonder I am not on some type of medication that helps me cope with my life. My mom tells me I should be. I tell her to pop a Xanax and leave me alone.
  40. I am the go-to person in my family. Have a problem? Please call me. Apparently I specialize in pregnancy issues, parenting, relationships,technology, cooking and party planning and pet care. (Personally I don't think so)
  41. I have an undeniable obsession with the Internet. I love it. I need it.
  42. I feel that TiVo is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. Truly.
  43. I watch too much T.V. (See above)
  44. My favorite T.V. shows are usually mind numbing. Currently I never miss: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Gossip Girl, The Hills (shut up you watch it too).
  45. I have almost died twice.
  46. No, I am not being dramatic it is true. See #14 and I'll explain the other.
  47. I was 15 years old the first time I came close to death. I was driving to school with Bud(we had JUST started dating) and we had a head on collision with an 18-wheel logging truck. We were in a Honda Civic. I had to be cut out of the car with the jaws-of-life. Then along with Bud was airlifted to the nearest trauma unit.
  48. I survived (obviously!) with a broken right femur and a NASTY gash in my right knee. Bud broke the same bone.
  49. We both had titanium rods in our legs. Bud had his taken out 8 years ago. I decided after watching how painful the recovery from THAT was that I'd leave mine alone.
  50. I started dating young. See #47.
  51. .
  52. I have been best friends with my BFF since I was 8.
  53. I honestly do not know what I would do without her.
  54. Actually most of my friends are from my younger days. What can I say? I am loyal.
  55. I admit I have neglected my girlfriends over the years.
  56. Then I discovered that one needs her girlfriends and have vowed to never let that happen again.
  57. Out of my close friends I am the only one with a kid.
  58. This can be challenging sometimes. It is hard for kidless people to understand why you can't drop everything to go out.
  59. But luckily my friends, my good friends, understand and Bean loves them as much as I do.
  60. I think that is a very special thing. He has more "aunts" and "uncles" than I ever had.
  61. I have never lost anyone very close to me. I dread the day that it actually happens.
  62. Although my family can drive me crazy it is so hard for me to be away from them .Hence the reason I never actually went "away" to college!
  63. I have never had a speeding ticket. Or any ticket for that matter.
  64. Now that I have said that I will probably get one today. Crap.
  65. I admit my most favorite holiday is Christmas. Not the present portion. I love the decorations, music and "other stuff". I really appreciate it more since Bean was born.
  66. I love music. All types. One day I'll be listening to Top 40, the next country, the following day it could be classic rock.
  67. I will say that if I HAVE to choose my favorite it's country. Love it.
  68. However, my all-time favorite band is Dave Matthews. I will finally see them live in a week. I can not WAIT.
  69. My favorite movie of all time is Steel Magnolias. I swear I have it memorized.
  70. My second most favorite is The Notebook. Whatever you know you like it too.
  71. I love Jodi Piccoult. Her novels are awesome. If you have never read her before start off with "My Sister's Keeper." You will not be disappointed.
  72. I love football. Seriously love it. I was a cheerleader growing up and I think it began there. There is nothing like a fall night watching a game. Awesome.
  73. I collect snow globes.
  74. And shot glasses. I have them from all over the world. (Thanks to my dad and brother)
  75. I love to travel.
  76. I have been to a few foreign countries: Germany, Australia (GO if you ever get a chance!), Austria, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas (that doesn't really count).
  77. I am working my way around the U.S. so far: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, California and Arizona. 18 so far. I have a ways to go!
  78. I have a special love for the beach. Most people say they do but I really love it. There is nothing like it.
  79. My favorite smell is fresh linen.
  80. My second favorite is the beach.
  81. My favorite food ever is spaghetti.
  82. I also have a love for authentic Mexican.
  83. And bread. God I love me some fresh baked bread. No sourdough though. Nasty.
  84. Oh and fresh tomatoes. With salt. MMMMM. I lived on that when I was preggo.
  85. I love to cook. I am always trying new recipes on Bud and Bean.
  86. I love to have Bean help me in the kitchen. He is an awesome stirrer.
  87. My favorite alcoholic drink ever is a good margarita (frozen no salt). You can usually find me with a rum and coke or some white wine.
  88. I really don't drink much anymore. I can go weeks without any alcohol. I am not sure when this started.
  89. I could live on sweet tea.
  90. I secretly eat Famous Amos cookies when no one is around.
  91. My favorite place to shop is Express. I could spend a fortune in there. And V Secret.
  92. I love to wear heels. Bud hates when I wear heels.
  93. That is because Bud is not tall. I blame that on his Italian background.
  94. However, Bean, he is TALL. 43 inches at 3.5 years old.
  95. I like to dress up but I could live in jeans and a sweatshirt.
  96. I always wear my diamond tennis bracelet. Always. It's lucky. I think.
  97. And my wedding set.
  98. Oh and my boobs - totally fake.


Friday, July 25, 2008

WHERE is the trash can????

So I may have mentioned on here at some point that I do not do vomit. Not from an animal, an adult and yes not even my own kid.

Puke FREAKS ME OUT. The sound, the smell, the LOOK!

So last night I knew something was up with Bean. The kid is three years old and was "resting" as he said on the couch.
Whaaa???? You're RESTING?

So I figured it was one of two things:
1. My child had been abducted by aliens and was now replaced by an alien look alike that OBVIOUSLY did not know that human toddlers never REST.
2. He was sick.

So I went into what Bud likes to call "Annoying Mommy" mode.

I started off with general questions.
"Bean what hurts? Your tummy, your throat, your head?????
"Nothing Mommy, I just tired."

I moved in deeper.
"Bean honey you can tell mommy. Did someone hurt your feelings?
"No momma"

I tried rewards.
"Bean honey you want some ice cream, cookies, um candy"
"No Mommy I fine."

OMG! Something was VERY wrong.

So I did what any other mommy would do.
I threatened.
"Bean if you do not tell Mommy where is hurts then I will have to take you to the doctor."

NOTHING was working.

So after several long sighs from Bud that I was obviously annoying him as well, I gave up and decided to enjoy the "resting" Bean was doing.

Every time Bean moved I told Bud, "He is going to barf. I know it."
Bud would just look at me and roll his eyes.

"Leave the kid alone. He probably just got overheated today.

Humph. Like MEN know ANYTHING.

I decided I was right about an hour later when Bean went potty and had diarrhea.
"See!" I said triumphantly to Bud. "He IS sick. I knew it."

Bud sighed again.

Then at 10:30 Bean curled up on the couch and gagged.

"Oh God!" I panicked. Where? What? Ack what do I do?

I grabbed Bean as the first heaves came.

"Bud!!! HELP!!!!"


Bud got to me with a trash can as Bean was finishing up his violent spewing.
Oh well better late than never.

So that began my night of the barfs with Bean.

Of course give Bud 24 hours and he'll get it. Pray for me. Sick men suck.

Sometimes I hate when I am right. Stupid mom intuition.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Okay seriously?

So I have decided there are WAY too many idiots in the world. I mean seriously? Do you ever wonder how some people manage to get themselves out of bed in the morning? Because they are so stupid that it AMAZES me that they can figure out how to put one foot in front of the other.
Ahem. Hold on I need to count to 1000 10.
Okay so let me bitch tell you about why I feel this way.
So I have a few examples.

Example 1
Scene : Bloom (grocery store)

Me: Walking aimlessly trying to find the capers. I type the word capers into the dummies helpful computer.
Computer: Aisle 2.
Me: Thinking okay, no problem. On to Aisle 2. I COMBED that d aisle. No sign of capers ANYWHERE. DAMN IT! BAD COMPUTER!
Found an employee finally. (Too bad you can't enter THAT in the computer, "Do you have anyone that WORKS in this store?)
Asked said employee where capers are.
Employee: Oh could you not find them?
Me: (thinking) No genius I just felt like WASTING my afternoon looking for them.

Example 2
Scene: Starbucks
Me: Standing in line waiting for my crack caffeine fix.
Person in front of me: (Staring at menu board) Um, what do you have?
Cashier: (Probably thinking WHAT A FLIPPIN IDIOT) Um, everything on the board we have.
Person in front of me: Um, can I get a small coffee?
Me: (thinking OMG!!!!!)
Cashier: Which flavor? We have two today.
Person: Um just regular.

Seriously where do these people COME FROM?????
Under a rock somewhere????

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And so it is done

So I spoke with my boss this morning. Finally! I was a basket case this morning and too upset to go to my neighborhood Starbucks to enjoy a nice iced caramel macchiato. Yeah you know it's a bad day when you can't even get that!

So I told him. He seemed upset that I was leaving but understanding. This is a business after all and well these things happen. I put it on the table that I am willing to be flexible and telecommute/work from corporate to continue my support for him.
He seemed a little hesitant and explained that he would rather have someone at the office here so that he knows things are being taken care of when he is out of the office. (Which is around 85% of the time)
Okay understandable. But he did tell me that he would think about it.
So say a thought for me that HOPEFULLY he agrees to it.

I have to admit I feel a LOT better that the news is out there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Overheard at the IL's last night

So we just got a Wii. Or actually Bud got one as a LATE bday present from his parents.
No matter. It was WORTH the wait.

So last night after we got back from our house up north hubby and I decided to play a round.
Bud: Want to play tennis?
Me: Sure.
Bud turned on the tennis. (Mind you I had NEVER played before, he has)
Bud: I'll serve.
Me: whatever.
Bud serves.
Me: HEY! I wasn't ready.
Bud: Sorry.
Me: I want a do over
Bud: Quit being a baby.
Bud serves again!
Me: HEY!!!!!!! Can you not WAIT for me?
Bud: Sorry
Bud serves again.
Me: OMG! I wish that I had a real racket right now so I could beat you.
Bud: Sore loser.

Oh but I WHOOPED him in bowling. Guy never had a chance.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bean Friday funnies: Oh that Bean head

Bean. What can I say. If it weren't for that kid I would probably be in the looney tooney bin babbling obsenities and hitting my head on the wall.
The lastest and greatest.

On personality issues

Bean: (crying becasue I can't fast forward through commercials on our bedroom tv)
Me: Bean seriously, watch the commercials. They show toys and food. Just watch.
Bean: (Wailing) Buuuutttt I want to watch the bunny (Max and Ruby one of the MOST annoying shows EVER!)
Me: Buddy they'll be back on in one second. Stop crying
Bean: Mommy I not crying I happy (said with tears running down his face)
Me: O-kayyyyy.

On anatomy

Bean pulling his boy part in the tub.
Me: Uh sweetie careful there.
Bean: Look Mommy it stretch.
Me: Uhhhh. I think you could injure yourself.
Bean: No Mommy it okay.
(Me thinking that this is happening WAY too fast for Mommy!)

On another note I still have not gotten a chance to speak with my boss. It is killing me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No News is NOT always good news

So the decision has been made. We are moving. We have to actually.
This has been SUCH an emotional few days.
Let me start somewhere.
SO Bud got his offer letter from the new company on Monday. I asked him what was he going to do. We have decided the night before that if his current company signed off on the generous promotion that we were going to take it. No questions asked.
Well as of Monday afternoon the current company STILL had nothing nailed in. And then we had this offer letter in hand that requested a reply NLT Wednesday.
We were stuck between a rock and a hard place.
There were lots of debates, lots of arguing, lots of well talking between Bud and I.
Finally he told his current boss (after I MADE him) that he received an offer letter and that he was going to take it.
His boss confessed that he could not guarantee the promotion PAST the end of the fiscal year (for you non government people the end of the government fiscal year is September 30th).
So he was unsure if he could give us the pay raise after September. Nice.
Then he went on to say that depending on the government that he could not guarantee a job for Bud past October (it is a huge drama that has nothing to do with Bud)
So there we had it. A definite job offer in one hand and in the other a lot of questions. Te decision was basically made for us.
Bud leaves on the 28th. I will be here until Aug 8th. I STILL have not talked to my boss. He is out of town and SHOULD be in tomorrow. I hope so. This is killing me.
I am going to try and stay with my current company and telecommute part of the week and then go to our corporate office around 2 days a week. I am HOPING my boss agrees to it.
Otherwise? I am back on the market which I HATE! So wish me luck.
I actually feel a bit of relief knowing what is going to happen. I hated having everything up in the air.

But I am trying to keep an open mind on the move. I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bean said WHAT? And a few other things

So I am terribly sorry for not posting the latest Bean ramblings on Friday. I have been so engrossed in hearing the final decision on if we stay or go. Reminds me of that song

Yeah you know it. So still no OFFICIAL word but Bud and I decided that if the offer comes through we will take it. So that means we will be staying home! So keep those fingers, toes, arms and eyes crossed. But don't blame me if your eyes get stuck that way.

Other update, my friend is still pretty sick. They have no idea why his heart is trying to fail. So they are running test after test. I really loathe the medical field some days. Please continue to pray for him.

So Bean. God that kid is a trip. Here are some of the latest happenings.

In the public bathroom

Bean: Mommy is someone else in here? (indicating to the stall next to us)

Me: Yes Buddy.

Bean: What are they doing? (bends over to look under the stall)

Me: The same thing you are now stop that and go pee.

Bean: (Starts peeing and hears the door open and while still peeing turns around)

Momma who is that?

Me: (thankfully jumped out of the way of the fire hose) Don't worry about it! PLEASE AIM IN THE TOILET!

Bean: (Smelling the person next to us) PHEW Momma did you poot?

Me: (embarrassed) um no honey.

Bean: Phew smells like a Daddy poot!

On the phone with my parents

(they were on the way to Europe no idea what was said on the other line)

Bean: Nana, you go on an airpwane?

Bean: Oh, is you pwane pink or blue?

Bean: Oh. You bwing me a present?

Bean: Bwing me a BEER!

(Me thinking WTH?)

Bean: Yes Nana a Beer.

(Me horrified that my parents will now think I give my kid a beer on a regular basis)

Bean: A fuzzy one.

(Me with ????????)

Me: Oh Mom he wants a BEAR.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wishes can come true...

We MAY be staying put y'all.
Bud's work came through with a very generous promotion. And he is taking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pray that the funding is completely approved first.

I am so excited that we are going to stay here. No searching for a new job, no looking at daycares, no more northern VA!!!!
I am pretty stoked. But until I see him tonight I won't believe it.

Finally good news. I needed some.

Oh on a side note...I need a new blog design. I am BORED with mine!
So what do I do? I am not liking the ones on PYZAM much. They are pretty teenage like. So suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Snip snip

some of you may remember this cutie with a head full of curls.
Well is short. NOT MY FAULT! I asked for a trim!!! Below is what I got!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great, next I'll be finding hickies on his neck!

So yesterday I went to pick the Bean up from daycare. Totally normal day.
He spots me when I walk in the room and runs up to give me a hug. Next thing I know I see this hussy little girl running up to him.
"Bye Bean! See you tomorrow okay?" she said.
Before he could answer she hugged him tight and made out with him kissed his cheek (a little close to the mouth in my opinion!) and ran back to the kitchen area.
Bean looked up at me and grinned.
"That's my giwlfweind." he said proudly.

Oh lord. I was SHOCKED! SHOCKED that she would attack my baby like that in FRONT of me.
Shameless little hooch child.
I bet she lifts her skirt over her head all the time too.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Thank you, a prayer needed and a question for you all

First let me say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your supportive words about my big move back to the north. It is so awesome to be involved in a blogging community and when things get rough I am reminded of this. It means a lot to have all of you supporting me.

I am getting more used to the idea and I know it's not the end of the world. Shoot- we could be a heck of a lot worse off right now, right? As my friend currently is...

Yes, one of my very good guy friends is in the hospital right now. He was admitted last night after his girlfriend (who happens to be my one of my best friends) took him to the ER. He has been having some issues lately and has had shortness of breath. Turns out that only 15%, yes you read that right 15%, of his heart is functioning. He is young (late 20's) and has never had heart issues before and is usually healthy!
He is in the ICU right now and it has been a tough day as I can't stop worrying about him. So prayers are needed and much appreciated. I'll update you all as I know more. Thanks!!!

Lastly, (whew busy day!!!) a question for you all. First a little background.
Okay so Bud and I spent the weekend at my BFF's house with Bean. We pulled the camper over there (she lives like 20 minutes away! we are SUCH campers) and hung out while Bud and the guys built a deck. (It turned out awesome!)
Well we got back to the IL's house last night around 4:00. After I showered and did a few things Bud asked if I wanted to grab some dinner up the road. Well we asked his mom if she could watch Bean and put him to bed around 8:30 if we weren't back. We bathed him and put him in his jammies and he was sitting on the couch watching Herbie while my MIL played Bingo (she is horribly addicted) on the computer next to him.
Well we ate a quick dinner and decided we were just too tired to stay out so we headed back. We were gone MAYBE 45 minutes. We walk in and Bean is SCREAMING upstairs (it was 7:45) and MIL was sitting at the computer bingoing (is that a word?) away.

We were like WTH?

She said he was not listening to her so she sent him to bed. We asked what he was doing and she said, "Aggravating the dog (my three legger - he and Bean play rough a lot but never a big deal) So Bud ran upstairs and got Bean and brought him downstairs. It was obvious he had NOT just gone up there due to his face being bright red and he was crying so hard he was hiccuping.
Bud was mad.
So was I.
But we never said anything. Why? Because we are DUMB!
MIL swore he had JUST gone up. Now remember this is the SAME MIL who lets Bean get away with murder. Now I get mad when she does that and while I want her to discipline him something was off by last nights activities. I mean when she gets in bingo mode NO ONE can disturb her. Bud and I think Bean was playing rough with the dog and that SHE did not want to have to keep checking to make sure things were okay (as she was bingoing and that is obviously more important) so she sent him to bed.

What do y'all think? Would you be pissed?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


First off no I am not pregnant. At least I am PRETTY sure I am not. I'll know for certain next week but it's doubtful since you have to have s*x right? To get knocked up? I think I'll Google it.

Anyways, I am not even sure where to begin. Yesterday I thought I was going to forgo Wordless Wednesday and give you super awesome news. But then my happy bubble was popped. Did you hear it? Yep it was pretty loud when it popped.

So after my bubble was popped (that sounds kinda wrong) I was put into an emotional funk. Thus my crappy post yesterday.

So what I WAS going to post yesterday was that I thought we were staying put here in my hometown!!! Yay right? Bud met with his current boss Tuesday and told him about our pickle. That we have a house we can't sell up north, a small amount of funds to rent a place here, and our sanity level decreasing as we continue to live with the in-laws.

His boss is pretty cool. And he loves Bud for some reason. So he offered to get Bud a raise. A VERY generous raise.

I was excited since it SEEMED like Bud was going to go with it. My happy bubble grew even though I tried to tell it not too.

Bud talked about being able to rent a place. I thought, "Yep we are staying put."


Bud decided after much thought (an entire night of sleep) that he FELT that we should go with our original plan of going back up north. That he had pulled a lot of strings to try to get back up there and that he didn't want to burn any bridges.

Also, he was afraid with getting a raise here that he would out price himself and that if something happened to the company he is with here that it would be difficult for him to get rehired for the same salary.

So my bubble popped. And I was pretty much in a funk. Deep down I KNEW he wouldn't take the offer. I just hoped my little bit of hope that maybe, just maybe he would.
So pardon me but I am going to go crawl in bed and eat my weight in Ben and Jerry's.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Beachy

Beach life is awesome

Oh and I know this is supposed to be shut the hell up day Wordless Wednesday but I wanted to warn you I have a major update in my life. But they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm not ready to talk about it yet.