Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Having a hyper sick kid sucks.

So we had an awesome getaway weekend with the friends this past weekend. Bean stayed home with the grandparents. I called him Saturday evening with that momma vibe that SOMETHING was wrong.
I talked to him and he seemed fine. No problems. I talked to his grandma and she said he hadn't ate as much that day as he had the previous day.
I asked her if he was acting sick. She said no he was fine.
I was STILL not convinced but let it go.
About 3 hours later he puked.

I knew it. The momma vibe is NEVER wrong.

Anyways no one told me until the next morning. He had puked AGAIN around 9am.
We were home at 11am. Bean was burning up and just acting awful. I asked him if anything hurt. He said no. As they day wore on he ate a tomato sandwich. I KNOW- of all the things.
It stayed down.
Well Monday he was acting like his old self and it had been almost 24 hours since his fever. So I let him go to school expecting a phone call to come get him at any minute. Never came.
So I picked him up and he was acting droopy. So I took him to Urgent Care. Turns out he had strep.
Yay for me. I get the AWESOME mom award right? Letting my germy kid go off to school.
Anyways they sent us home with meds and I called my boss to tell him not to expect me the next day.

I THOUGHT we would have a nice quiet day home.


Did you know that amoxicillin makes SOME kids hyper? Yeah I had no idea either. Apparently it is a side effect. So I had a sick, feverish kid jumping off the walls.


Then my child REFUSED to nap. Which turned him into a whiny, hyper kid. I was ready to commit myself yesterday. Throw in that my MIL kept commenting on how her kids, (insert sing songy voice here) were exactly like that when they were sick so she KNOWS exactly how I feel.


So basically I ran into work today. I am so happy to be back. Really I am.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My little man. Too cute I know.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on friend

Okay so thank you all for thinking about my friend the last few days. The latest:
The baby had a stroke at some time. They are unsure when: it may have been in utero, during birth, or directly AFTER he was born.
Nonetheless, he was getting brain scans over the weekend to see what is causing the stroke excatly and if he will have permanent damage.
He is at an awesome hospital. Probably one of the best in the state. So hopefully the doctors there can make him well again.
Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Another baby?

Yeah the title on this one scared the bejesus out of me too!
A little story behind it.
Here Bud and I are driving along the interstate Saturday afternoon and he looks over and says, " So I was thinking (that can NEVER be good) that if we are going to have another baby we should get on it soon."
Um okay? Get on it soon? He makes it sounds like a house project that we need to finish.
I look over at him and say, "Um, where the HELL did that come from?"
Bud - " Well I figure we aren't getting any younger. (Ouch direct jab at my impending birthday this week) and that we should get it over with."
Yeah any woman would want to create spawn on that line.
Me - "Well dear sweet husband, I just started a new job and OH WAIT we have no where to live here yet, so forgive me but I REALLY think this is a bad time to just get it over with."
At this point I look back and see Bean grossly intent on his Curious George movie.
Me- "Bean do you want Mommy to have a brother or sister for you to play with?"
Bean - Briefly take his eyes from the DVD and yells, "No! No No mommy I want a monkey."

I then looked at Bud and said, "Yeah me too."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prayers needed

Okay so I try to keep it lighthearted and fun here but I like many others have some serious parts.

One of my friends had a baby yesterday and the baby was having apnea issues and now they are afraid he is actually having seizures. They are currently being transfered to a hospital to accomadate them.
It is so heartbreaking. She was full term and had a perfect pregnancy. So please if you can say a prayer for them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Planning a vacation when you're a grown up.

Ah in the days of ole' when I could just pack a couple bikinis and go on vacation with not a care in the world.
I miss that.
Those days are so over and now planning a small vacation is like planning a wedding.
It is so time consuming.
So Bud and I decided to take a mini vacation with our friends. It has been um, interesting to say the least.

First we had to all block off a time frame that we could all take off work. Yeah that sucks, when did work become such a big part of our lives? Oh yeah when our bills came.
Anyways, once we did that we had to pick a locality. It started off with the Bahamas and that plan fell through (too expensive), then Miami (again too expensive crazy gas prices) then we settled on a long weekend at the beach we like to visit an hour away.

Then we had to find a cottage that we could all afford and was big enough for everyone. And guess what dummy volunteered to do it? Yeah this dummy.
But I did it. Kept us under budget and in an oceanfront cottage.
Let's pray this place lives up to its pictures and isn't some craphole ready to fall into the ocean.

Now we are getting down to the wire and our vacation is next week. Place is picked and paid for, tine is taken off of work, child is cared for by adoring grandparents.
Nothing can go wrong right?
My BF just informed me that her idiot of a husband invited the scum of the earth friend to join us. I recoiled in fear.
This scum is not like by ANYONE in the group and is a definite freeloader. I am trying to avoid a disaster here and if Bud discovers he is going he will refuse to go.
Truthfully I don't want to go either.
WHY did this have to become so complicated.
I think I found a solution. I'll go on vacation BY MYSELF. Maybe I'll find a Matthew McConaghey look alike to take with me. Yeah.

Friday, April 11, 2008

No more nakey time

SO many of you may remember that Bean used to love to be naked.
Well I think he has discovered modesty.
For instance this morning he told me he needed to get dressed. I was like okay whatever.
Well he went into his room and shut the door.
I of course thought it was the knock knock game so I knocked on his door expecting him to open the door smiling.
Yeah he yelled that.
I was like "Fine whatever."
So out he came with his pants unbuttoned, underwear and shirt on backwards.
It was hard to hide my smile.
"Okay you help me mommy."
Ahhhh this is a preview of my life for the next 20 + years right?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm here!!!!

Wow! I haven't written in almost a week. Sorry I suck.
I was working my TAIL off at work. Funny that I actually had to work at work.

But things are calming a bit so I figured I'd drone on about myself.

Not much is happening, except that my child has been suddenly possessed by Satan. Oh yeah I mean that.
People used to warn me about the two's. Um no, please let me know more about this age called the threes.
First of all they suck. I would take the terrible two's anyday. Seriously.
Bean has become bi polar or something. One minute he will be a total sweetheart - the next Chucky.
I am about to pull my hair out over the whole thing. I have decided that although I want to, beating, is not the answer.
Time outs are a real joke. You try making him stay in a corner. Supernanny I am not.
Bud told me the other night after a super awful tantrum (not me, Bean) that he will gladly get a vasectomy.
You're probably thinking it isn't that bad. Oh it is!I feel like I have a caged tiger in the house.
Of course Bean's newest phrase is - "I not your friend anymore you go away."
Yeah gotta love toddler talk.
So in between working my ass off and dealing with someone resembling Chucky my life is a bowl of cherries.
With pits.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Haha! Remember when that was like "the word"? Instead of "Not!" I remember my brothers said it a lot growing up.
Typical conversation growing up: My older brother, " Hey you want to watch cartoons?"
Me, "Yeah!" My brother acts like he is handing the remote over and says, "PSYCHE!"
I hated that word.
But today on the biggest joke day of the year I was reminded of it.
Every year my husband and I try to get each other with something. Anything. Just to be the winner.
I think my best joke was the year Bean was born. He was 2 1/2 months old on April Fool's day. Beng home all day with an infant and hormonal I came up with a BRILLIANT joke.
I waited till I heard Bud's car pull in the driveway and I positioned myself in the bathroom with an old positive test from my pregnancy with Bean, (in my defense I meant to take a pic of it for a baby book) Anyways I was sitting in the bathroom holding the positive test and Bud walked in. He called for me and I said, (in a pitiful voice I may add), "In here."
He walked in the bathroom and froze.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
I looked at him with sad eyes and said, "I'm pregnant."
I swear to all that is good and holy that man went WHITE.
It was all I coudl do to keep it together.
So I pretended to get defensive. "Aren't you happy?" I asked.
He was silent.
I said, "Nice real nice. Here I am scared and pregnant and you have NOTHING to say?"
He started to mumble something. I think he asked it I was sure.
I shoved the test in his face and said, "Um HELLO!"
Then I couldn't take it anymore and started laughing my ass off.
He didn't laugh!
Oh well I thought it was a hoot.