Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bean is OBESE? Huh?

Huh? Yeah I bet that is exactly what you were thinking. Those are my thoughts exactly. I forgot to post that Bean had his 3 year checkup last week. Well it was at a new pediatrician's office since we just moved.
This pediatrician came highly recommended as he is associated with the children's hospital here. Well when they did Bean's height and weight it was 40 1/4 and 44 pounds respectively.
I figure, not bad. He was 42 pounds at his 2 year check up and about 37 inches.
Well the doctor comes in with that little chart that they graph the weight and height on and said, "Bean fall into the obese category." I was like, "Huh?" I then proceeded to explain to the doctor that Bean has always been a big kid.
Short History - He was 6 weeks early and even then he was 6 pounds 9 ounces. Scary to think if he had been full term!!!!! I would have given birth to a true watermelon. Or a full sized toddler. Lord.
Anyways, Jacob continued to take off after that. He was in 6 month clothing at 4 months and by his first birthday he was in 2T. I account it to my super mom milk. :)
But he is just a tall big 3 year old. He is in 4T now and people tell me he looks 5. No biggie. Now if he was chunky I would have maybe agreed with the doctor. But he is not fat.
So the doctor told me to watch the juice (we are on Fruit 2 O now) and snacks.
I am just shocked. Kids on diets at 3. What is this world coming too? I blame the food makers.

Ugh. I must get a job soon.

This job search sucks. I am so bored during the day. Which is dangerous since it makes me wander off to the mall. Which leads to spending extra money that we no longer possess. Sucks.
I have two 2nd interviews on Friday and if one of those doesn't lead to an offer I am liable to punch myself.
What is the point of so many interviews anyways? For instance, one of the jobs I have had 2 phone interviews, a sit down interview and now I have a second sit down interview for the person I will be supporting. It is truly crazy when you think about it.
I mean did they have some bad luck somewhere down the line that makes them leery of who they hire?
Now the other second interview that I have on Friday is the job I REALLY want because:

  1. It is close to Bean's daycare,
  2. Close to home
  3. Great money
  4. And a job I can see myself staying at for years.
Both positions are for executive admins. Which is pretty cool. I fell like I am moving up int eh workplace tier.
But I really need to get a job. I am going to go crazy.
On a side note - Bean cracked Bud and I up today. Everyday when Bud goes to work he better I mean does kiss me and Bean goodbye.
Well today he was leaving and Bean said, "Are you going to make money today Daddy?" Too cute I tell ya.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Momma I fall down

Lately Bean is obsessed with falling down. Everyone is "going to fall down" he says. I have no idea where the obsession comes from. Then he'll tell me that he is scared of falling down. I have no idea. I think he is cracking up!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Daycare's aren't supposed to be scary places.

So I promised a blog on the daycare search. Here you go - now mind you it is not for the faint of heart!
So when we got all settled in I decided that not only did I need a job but Bean needed a daycare. And soon. We were both wearing each others nerves with boredom!
So I started with a "highly recommended place" known as Basics Learning Center. It looked safe from the outside. Nice little square brick house deal near the mall. I walked inside and thought, "who the hell would recommend this place? A member of the Adams family?" It w a dark, old smelly little place. I was honestly scared to walk inside much further but this old ass woman, oops excuse me, nice old woman saw me and told me to come in. She was the daycare director AND the kindergarten teacher. Nice. Multi roles. Not impressed.
She took me on a tour and I swear the place was creepier and creepier. The kids all took naps together. No matter WHAT age group. She continued on the tour and when I asked who was watching her kindergarten kids while she spoke with me it was like she REMEMBERED them! So she went to check on them! I was like oh HELL no! You cannot leave kids alone!
So I politely accepted her death certificate, oh I mean enrollment papers and left. No way was I leaving my kid there. Ever!
So on to the next place. This one was a national chain. I had made an appointment with the director a few days prior.
Bud went with me to this one. Bean stayed with the in-laws.
We walked in and wanted to RUN back out. Yes it was that bad. But we couldn't since we were spotted!
This woman met us at the door and introduced herself as the assistant director. She apologized that the director as well as half of the staff was out sick. Great where is my purell?
So we let her take us on the tour. It just got worse and worse. We walk in and the whole place was open. I asked how did they designate age group areas? Apparently they had partition walls and the kids "knew their boundaries". Yeah right. Tell a three year old there's an imaginary line keeping him in his room. Dumb.
The place was old, dirty and had the feeling of being ghettofied.
The assistant director coughed on us the entire time and then told us she was also the cook! She went on to say that she spiced up the food with lots of flavor and butter. Um no. Please do not ever feed my child. The kitchen was filthy and looked like it had seen better days. We quickly left and purelled the hell out of our hands. I was almost in tears thinking we would NEVER find a place.
Well I remembered seeing a place earlier in the week a few blocks away so we went over there. Well apparently there is a daycare god and he loves me.
This place was AWESOME. I walked in and instantly knew this was it. It felt like we were walking into someone's house. Very homey, CLEAN and organized. Ahhhhh. Finally.
This place is nicer than where Bean was before. And get this - only 9 dollars more a week than the ghetto place. And the same price as Count Dracula's lair. Awesome. We signed him up right then!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moving on up...

Whew. So we are pretty much moved in now. I couldn't be happier. Bean has been such a trooper through it all. I know the change has been tough on him.
I kept him home with me for the first two weeks but after I saw that he was bored, I decided to enroll him in daycare. The daycare story has to be saved for a different blog. It was such an experience to say the least. But I am very happy with his new daycare.
We are staying at Bud's parents right now. I am trying to be tough through it all but no matte how you look at it moving in with family is never easy. His parents are great about giving us space. I only have a few complaints. The first being that their house is pretty messy. I swear I am an OCD freak about things being left out. So I am always cleaning up and I swear someone is following me and messing up. Annoying.
The second complaint is that Bud's grandma lives here too. She has an attached apartment. Well she is a heavy smoker and if she leaves her door open I can smell it. Yuck.
I keep telling myself that it is only temporary and that soon we will rent a place and that it will all be fine.
Yeah, I'll keep saying it. Maybe if I repeat it over and over it will happen faster!

My New Years Resolution

Okay so I started this blog with the best of intentions and well I have been slacking as far as keeping up with it.
So my new years resloution is to try and blog everyday. No matter what. Short blog, long blog whatever.
So I promise to try and entertain with my terrible sense of humor. Happy reading!