Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay first let me apologize!!! Things have been hectic here and I for one am pooped.
So some updates: first and foremost I have a job!!!! YAY! My previous company had a position and were able to rehire me at a field office here. I have about a 20 minute drive. I am THANKFUL for this job after seeing so many right now out of work. Times suck.

Let's see what else???? Oh, I got a ticket. Yeah on September 11th. Ironic much???
I was speeding, yes I admit it. There are no excuses for it except that I have a lead foot and that it is a miracle that this is my first one.
Yeah my very first ticket.
So I was on my way to an interview. I was running late, trying to get Bean to school so that I could go to the interview and well I flew past a cop that was hiding in a ditch. I mean really??? Is that fair? No!!! I mean that was some good camouflaging there.
So I flew past him going 66 in a 45. Yeeeaaaaahhhh. Of course once I saw him I immediately tapped my brakes but it was too late. Basically I blame it on instinct for hitting those brakes.
So right when I flew past him I told Bean that I was getting a ticket. I mean I figured unless he was passed out or dead that he caught that one on his radar.
So he pulled out of his spot and I pulled over. Bean started to cry hysterically telling the cop not to send me to jail.
I think this helped out a bit. So he knocked my charge from reckless driving to good old fashioned speeding.

So that sucked the big one. I'm not looking forward to court. Any pointers would help since this is my first ticket ever.
Hate breaking that perfect streak.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am a bad bad blogger lately

Talk about becoming consumed with my life. I realized this week that I had so much time to blog before er um at work!
Now that I am home I can find so much to mess with. Funny how that works - I was getting paid to blog and now that I am NOT getting paid I am working. I mean it is on the house but it is productive!

So not much is new. I had an interview last week that I think really went well and am crossing my fingers.
I have decided that the first job that I applied for is a lost cause and that the guy just did not want to let me know that I didn't get it. Grow some dude.
Anywho, I have ANOTHER interview tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. I just do not see myself raising farm animals and veggies as a farm girl.

Bean is just as crazy as ever. He has grown up SO much it seems over the last month. I had a toddler at the beginning of the summer and now as the summer ends he is a little boy. It's kinda depressing.

Since I have nothing to really say and I know you don't want to read my incoherent rambling I leave you with Bean's latest.

After watching Karate Kid

Bean: Momma did you see that man do this?
Makes the motion of a karate chop
Me: Yes buddy I did see that. Pretty cool. I bet I could do that.
Bean: No momma only boys can cause we are SO strong.
Gee thanks and so it begins.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So I am proof I guess that the current economy sucks.
I have applied to oh I want to say about 30 jobs. And have had one, yes ONE interview.
I mean I expect a little more of SOMETHING! A call, an e-mail, JUST SOMETHING letting me know that each attempt at applying to a job is not a black hole.
I was told at the ONE interview to expect a call, good or bad, last week. Well hello it is MONDAY. I mean really?
I am going crazy here with worry over not getting a job. Ever.
So will someone give me some good job vibes? I need 'em!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Miss me????

Cause I miss ALL of you.

Nothing new to report.
Still trying to get settled.
Still do not have a job.
Still going crazy.
Down to three birds. The roosters moved away (thank GOD)
Still not knocked up. (WHEWWWW!!!!)
However getting tests run.
Apparently at my OB visit this week the doc is concerned and will be running a sonogram.
For what? I have NO flippin clue.

I need to catch up on everyone!!!!