Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am a bad bad blogger lately

Talk about becoming consumed with my life. I realized this week that I had so much time to blog before er um at work!
Now that I am home I can find so much to mess with. Funny how that works - I was getting paid to blog and now that I am NOT getting paid I am working. I mean it is on the house but it is productive!

So not much is new. I had an interview last week that I think really went well and am crossing my fingers.
I have decided that the first job that I applied for is a lost cause and that the guy just did not want to let me know that I didn't get it. Grow some dude.
Anywho, I have ANOTHER interview tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. I just do not see myself raising farm animals and veggies as a farm girl.

Bean is just as crazy as ever. He has grown up SO much it seems over the last month. I had a toddler at the beginning of the summer and now as the summer ends he is a little boy. It's kinda depressing.

Since I have nothing to really say and I know you don't want to read my incoherent rambling I leave you with Bean's latest.

After watching Karate Kid

Bean: Momma did you see that man do this?
Makes the motion of a karate chop
Me: Yes buddy I did see that. Pretty cool. I bet I could do that.
Bean: No momma only boys can cause we are SO strong.
Gee thanks and so it begins.


Hyphen Mama said...

Hey, I've been wondering where you've been! Funny how being home is busier than being at a "job". Good luck with your interviews.

witchypoo said...

Sending interview vibes your way. Hope you find a job that you can blog at.

Lori said...

how dare you let life get in the way of blogging... lol!

hope this job pans out for you

Julie said...

I hope you get a great job soon!

Anonymous said...

I have this same problem! I have so much I want to sit down and write, but I can always find something around the house that needs to be done first!

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Good luck on getting that job, I know how hard is out there right now.

OH and I'm LMAO that Bean said you are not as strong as a boy ..hmmmm he starting early

OH and I like the new photo "cute" said...

Good luck with the interviewing. It can be so hellish, I know.

Nap Warden said...

Fingers crossed...good luck!

Nicki said...

I've been a bad blogger too, ever since school started! Now when I do have precious computer time, I have to spend it doing HOMEWORK! Ugh.

OHmommy said...

I have been the WORST blogger lately. I just can't seem to catch up on anything in my life. I need an extra hour added to each day.

Good luck on the interview.

ummmhello said...

My little one went from wearing definite toddler clothes, to jeans and T's and I'm kind of heartbroken.

Don Mills Diva said...

Good luck with the interview.

You look hawt in that picture BTW!

Laski Gal said...

So . . . update already. I wanna know how the interviews went!

Danielle said...

haha cute. GL with the interviews and job hunt. You do make a mighty perdy cowgirl. I think it might be time foir Hilary Swank and the Next Karate Kid.