Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OMG I am nervous

Okay so I am going to go talk to my mom today.
I feel like a teenager. I am so nervous about talking to her! No I'm not pregnant, that I would be excited to tell her.

Here is what it is:

Bud and I moved up to the area we live in about 5 years ago. My parents ended up following us not intentionally but due to just a coincidence.
Well before we moved I had lived in the same place my entire life! I used to always want to move away but you know the saying the grass is always greener is someone elses yard. Well I go tmy wish and we moved. I liked it at first I guess because it was a change.
Well I hate where we live. The area, our house EVERYTHING!!!!

So Bud and I have been thinking about the future and what we want to do for a long time. And we decided.
We are moving back home. It's about 2.5 hours south of my mom.
There are several reasons we chose home.

1. I love the area. I really do. We lived near the beach, it was in the south I mean really there is a ton to do down there.
2. It is cheaper to live down there. We live in an expensive area right now. So expensive that Bud and I had to move 50 miles south of his job since we can't afford anything near his work. Except a box. Back home we can get a 4000 square foot house on several acres for the price we can currently buy a 2 bedroom condo. Seriously.
3. All of our friends are still in the area. I really never got attached to anyone where we currently live. At all. I just hung out with Bud or my parents.
4. Almost all of our family lives back home. With the exception of my parents. SO you do the math.

I know my mom will feel like we are abandoning her but we aren't. I just hate where we live. I never really liked it. There is traffic, too many people that think they are just the shit, and it is CROWDED!!!!

I really do not want to tell my mom but I have too. It is killing me!