Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OMG I am nervous

Okay so I am going to go talk to my mom today.
I feel like a teenager. I am so nervous about talking to her! No I'm not pregnant, that I would be excited to tell her.

Here is what it is:

Bud and I moved up to the area we live in about 5 years ago. My parents ended up following us not intentionally but due to just a coincidence.
Well before we moved I had lived in the same place my entire life! I used to always want to move away but you know the saying the grass is always greener is someone elses yard. Well I go tmy wish and we moved. I liked it at first I guess because it was a change.
Well I hate where we live. The area, our house EVERYTHING!!!!

So Bud and I have been thinking about the future and what we want to do for a long time. And we decided.
We are moving back home. It's about 2.5 hours south of my mom.
There are several reasons we chose home.

1. I love the area. I really do. We lived near the beach, it was in the south I mean really there is a ton to do down there.
2. It is cheaper to live down there. We live in an expensive area right now. So expensive that Bud and I had to move 50 miles south of his job since we can't afford anything near his work. Except a box. Back home we can get a 4000 square foot house on several acres for the price we can currently buy a 2 bedroom condo. Seriously.
3. All of our friends are still in the area. I really never got attached to anyone where we currently live. At all. I just hung out with Bud or my parents.
4. Almost all of our family lives back home. With the exception of my parents. SO you do the math.

I know my mom will feel like we are abandoning her but we aren't. I just hate where we live. I never really liked it. There is traffic, too many people that think they are just the shit, and it is CROWDED!!!!

I really do not want to tell my mom but I have too. It is killing me!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do you have to pee pee Bean??

Potty Training.

It really sucks. I remember hearing all of the horror stories about it. How little Susie Q just would NOT poop in the potty, she preferred her pants. Or how little Johnny preferred to pee outside on a tree like the dog.

But I remained strong and brave and thought Hell I can SO do this.

Well I was luckier than most since Bean's daycare actually introduced him to the concept. I get a sheet everyday from his school with all of Bean's "outputs" if you will.

Well about a month or so ago I saw the letter "P" next to the time. I was like what the hell is that? Usually I get a "W" or a "BM" which I'm sure everyone knows what that is! So I asked his teacher what "P" stood for. "Oh that means Potty" she said. I was like "Oh really?" "Oh yeah Bean really does well on the Potty." she said. Crap I thought.
That's when I realized I was screwed. The time was already here that I had to step up and do my parenting thing.
I remained calm. I went out and bought Pull-ups and thought okay so what now? Does he tell me? Do I tell him he has to go?
Well I started with asking. "Bean do you have to use the potty?" "NO momma no potty" Bean would reply.
Oh-kaaaaay then! So after much deep thought I realized something - I would tell him.
"Bean it is time to go potty." I would then pick him up and take him potty and sit him on the prince throne that plays a trumpet when he goes.
He would sit and say "All done momma" I would peer between his legs and say "Nope not yet Bean". "I'm DONE momma" his voice would get higher. "No Bean not yet". Then he would jump off his potty and streak down the hall.

Potty Training sucks. Have I said that?

Well one night while in the tub Bean announced he had to poo poo. I was like AWESOME!! I pulled him out of the tub and sat him on the throne. Nothing. WTH!
So I put him back in the tub only to see about 2 minutes later his face looking strained with the "look".
So I went into Super mom mode! I pulled him out of tub and sat him BACK on the throne where he made a poop. A big one. I had never been prouder in my life.
"Bean you pooped!!!" I said. He beamed at me. "GOOD JOB!!!!!" I shouted. I was beyond happy. My kid had pooped. On the potty.
I proceeded to call Bud. "Bud, look Bean POOPED!!!" I said. "Good job Bean" he said. That it? I thought, Good job?
"Um Bud you need to be more excited for Bean". I lectured. "I am happy," Bud said, "what do you want me to say?"
"Well something besides Good job!" I said.
Bud just looked at me.

So last night the potty saga continued. I had been told by Bean's teachers that Bean had been using the potty over 75% of the time.

Okay then. I can make him do it. Last night while eating dinner Bean got the "look". I call it the poop look. It really is unmistakable.
So I said, "Okay on the potty bean!" I removed him from his seat and took him to the potty. When we got there he sat and made the tiniest turd ever. Really. It was the size of an eraser.
No matter.
" YAY BEAN!!!" I said. He smiled at me. "I go pee pee momma" he said. Then he stood up and PEED on the potty.
Well he missed and mostly got the floor but again no matter.
I said "That's my bean!!!!" I was so proud.

It's amazing this potty thing. I never thought it was something I would get excited about.
It's crazy really but I guess being a parent is sometimes.
More later.

So I'm a joiner...

Yes I am not too proud to admit it. I'm a joiner - a follower if you will.
I have seen many blogs now and well I figured WTH!
So now I have entered into the world of blogging. Just one more place for me to run my mouth. And believe me I can run my mouth for a long time.

So I see that some people have blogs for several reasons : some to discuss current events, some to discuss infertility, some to discuss themselves. Well, I have decided to discuss my life as a mom.
It really is a crazy thing. I mean one minute I'm partying it up, minding my own business. The next thing I know my stick has a big + on it.
So partying is somewhat over and now I have entered into a new role. Mom. It is scary but I think I have a good handle on it.

So sit back and enjoy my big mouth on a roll!