Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Moving on up...

Whew. So we are pretty much moved in now. I couldn't be happier. Bean has been such a trooper through it all. I know the change has been tough on him.
I kept him home with me for the first two weeks but after I saw that he was bored, I decided to enroll him in daycare. The daycare story has to be saved for a different blog. It was such an experience to say the least. But I am very happy with his new daycare.
We are staying at Bud's parents right now. I am trying to be tough through it all but no matte how you look at it moving in with family is never easy. His parents are great about giving us space. I only have a few complaints. The first being that their house is pretty messy. I swear I am an OCD freak about things being left out. So I am always cleaning up and I swear someone is following me and messing up. Annoying.
The second complaint is that Bud's grandma lives here too. She has an attached apartment. Well she is a heavy smoker and if she leaves her door open I can smell it. Yuck.
I keep telling myself that it is only temporary and that soon we will rent a place and that it will all be fine.
Yeah, I'll keep saying it. Maybe if I repeat it over and over it will happen faster!


Poltzie said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog!
I agree, living with family is never easy but it's nice to have them there for you!
My in-laws lived with us for a month last year before they moved to Guatemala and it drove me crazy. If they would of stayed any longer I would of moved out, honest!

Marmarbug said...

Glad I'm not alone!