Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ugh. I must get a job soon.

This job search sucks. I am so bored during the day. Which is dangerous since it makes me wander off to the mall. Which leads to spending extra money that we no longer possess. Sucks.
I have two 2nd interviews on Friday and if one of those doesn't lead to an offer I am liable to punch myself.
What is the point of so many interviews anyways? For instance, one of the jobs I have had 2 phone interviews, a sit down interview and now I have a second sit down interview for the person I will be supporting. It is truly crazy when you think about it.
I mean did they have some bad luck somewhere down the line that makes them leery of who they hire?
Now the other second interview that I have on Friday is the job I REALLY want because:

  1. It is close to Bean's daycare,
  2. Close to home
  3. Great money
  4. And a job I can see myself staying at for years.
Both positions are for executive admins. Which is pretty cool. I fell like I am moving up int eh workplace tier.
But I really need to get a job. I am going to go crazy.
On a side note - Bean cracked Bud and I up today. Everyday when Bud goes to work he better I mean does kiss me and Bean goodbye.
Well today he was leaving and Bean said, "Are you going to make money today Daddy?" Too cute I tell ya.


Keri said...

too cute...
I always send 'bean' to her daddy whenever she says 'can i have money'. so the other day she was collecting change from him and when he asked her what it was for .... she proudly anounced 'For my Bean Car'...
where do they get these ideas??

Marmarbug said...

They are smart! They learn to fast nowadays.