Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Having a hyper sick kid sucks.

So we had an awesome getaway weekend with the friends this past weekend. Bean stayed home with the grandparents. I called him Saturday evening with that momma vibe that SOMETHING was wrong.
I talked to him and he seemed fine. No problems. I talked to his grandma and she said he hadn't ate as much that day as he had the previous day.
I asked her if he was acting sick. She said no he was fine.
I was STILL not convinced but let it go.
About 3 hours later he puked.

I knew it. The momma vibe is NEVER wrong.

Anyways no one told me until the next morning. He had puked AGAIN around 9am.
We were home at 11am. Bean was burning up and just acting awful. I asked him if anything hurt. He said no. As they day wore on he ate a tomato sandwich. I KNOW- of all the things.
It stayed down.
Well Monday he was acting like his old self and it had been almost 24 hours since his fever. So I let him go to school expecting a phone call to come get him at any minute. Never came.
So I picked him up and he was acting droopy. So I took him to Urgent Care. Turns out he had strep.
Yay for me. I get the AWESOME mom award right? Letting my germy kid go off to school.
Anyways they sent us home with meds and I called my boss to tell him not to expect me the next day.

I THOUGHT we would have a nice quiet day home.


Did you know that amoxicillin makes SOME kids hyper? Yeah I had no idea either. Apparently it is a side effect. So I had a sick, feverish kid jumping off the walls.


Then my child REFUSED to nap. Which turned him into a whiny, hyper kid. I was ready to commit myself yesterday. Throw in that my MIL kept commenting on how her kids, (insert sing songy voice here) were exactly like that when they were sick so she KNOWS exactly how I feel.


So basically I ran into work today. I am so happy to be back. Really I am.


Colleen said...

ha ha ha ha! I'm sorry...I probably shouldn't laugh since I've been there, too (although both my kids tend to get hyper when they're's like they don't feel right so they spaz out or medication necessary)...but "SHUT THE HELL UP LADY" got me laughing really hard here at work! Hope Bean feels better (btw...came over by way of BBM...saw your comment that you live in the greater Suffolk-area and was instantly interested since I live in Northern VA and my hubby works out of Suffolk a few times a year).

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My kid gets really hyper from medicine, too, so I know exactly how you feel!


I bet it's less annoying coming from me. No? Sorry then. At least you were able to escape today.

Lori said...

hope your little one is feeling better now! Don't you hate those fun side effects that no one mentions to you

Law Student Hot Mama said...

That pink stuff is NASTY! My son just had to take it for his ear infection . . . but thankfully it didn't make him deranged. I didn't know strep could cause barf-o-rama!

Marmarbug said...

Nah it isn;t bad hearing it from you BB. But it is from MIL.

Hyphen Mama said...

Amox also causes kids to BARF. My kids can't take it anymore. Yay!

The pediatric nurse told me once that the best expectorant/cough solution was to give my daughter a tablespoon of Caro Syrup. I went out and bought a bottle and ONE tablespoon had her hanging off the ceiling for 3 days. I wanted to strangle that nurse. SYRUP... sugar. I don't even remember if she was coughing while she was bouncing off the walls.

I hope Bean feels better soon.

Glad your trip was fun, too!

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