Monday, April 21, 2008

Another baby?

Yeah the title on this one scared the bejesus out of me too!
A little story behind it.
Here Bud and I are driving along the interstate Saturday afternoon and he looks over and says, " So I was thinking (that can NEVER be good) that if we are going to have another baby we should get on it soon."
Um okay? Get on it soon? He makes it sounds like a house project that we need to finish.
I look over at him and say, "Um, where the HELL did that come from?"
Bud - " Well I figure we aren't getting any younger. (Ouch direct jab at my impending birthday this week) and that we should get it over with."
Yeah any woman would want to create spawn on that line.
Me - "Well dear sweet husband, I just started a new job and OH WAIT we have no where to live here yet, so forgive me but I REALLY think this is a bad time to just get it over with."
At this point I look back and see Bean grossly intent on his Curious George movie.
Me- "Bean do you want Mommy to have a brother or sister for you to play with?"
Bean - Briefly take his eyes from the DVD and yells, "No! No No mommy I want a monkey."

I then looked at Bud and said, "Yeah me too."


Lori said...

who wouldn't want a monkey? interesting way to say you are thinking of having another kid... ummm timing isn't a great thing with guys is it?

Poltzie said...

LOL - for real I actually laughed out loud at the monkey comment!

Hyphen Mama said...

At least he didn't say YES!!! I want a baby brother!!!

That would have sucked.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Sounds oddly like something said over here...right down to the monkey. My son has even decided he is a monkey and wants to eat bananas. The last time I was around a baby, he FREAKED the hell out.

Keri said...

Some days i think it would've been easier to have a monkey...

But my Gav learning to do raspberries this week reasures me that we made the best choice to 'just get it over with' lol!!

LaskiGal said...

Go with the monkey. I have a few plus years on you and that was a conversation hubby and I had LAST NIGHT. I am most certainly not getting any younger, but please. I'm all about the monkey. At least for now :)