Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm here!!!!

Wow! I haven't written in almost a week. Sorry I suck.
I was working my TAIL off at work. Funny that I actually had to work at work.

But things are calming a bit so I figured I'd drone on about myself.

Not much is happening, except that my child has been suddenly possessed by Satan. Oh yeah I mean that.
People used to warn me about the two's. Um no, please let me know more about this age called the threes.
First of all they suck. I would take the terrible two's anyday. Seriously.
Bean has become bi polar or something. One minute he will be a total sweetheart - the next Chucky.
I am about to pull my hair out over the whole thing. I have decided that although I want to, beating, is not the answer.
Time outs are a real joke. You try making him stay in a corner. Supernanny I am not.
Bud told me the other night after a super awful tantrum (not me, Bean) that he will gladly get a vasectomy.
You're probably thinking it isn't that bad. Oh it is!I feel like I have a caged tiger in the house.
Of course Bean's newest phrase is - "I not your friend anymore you go away."
Yeah gotta love toddler talk.
So in between working my ass off and dealing with someone resembling Chucky my life is a bowl of cherries.
With pits.


Lori said...

sorry things are tough. 3 is a tough age because they want to be independent, but are so not ready. they still believe the world revolves around them and can't understand when things aren't going as imagined.

my advice... stick to it... the more consistent you are with disciple (positive and negative) the easier it will get. Enjoy the good times and try (yes I know it is hard) to pick your battles when it comes to the tough times

and when things look bleak... blog!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I agree that 3 is the worst. Well, until 13.

Don't they always physically restrain the child in time out on supernanny? Ugh - I'm not looking forward to my resulting bumps and bruises.

Hyphen Mama said...

I saw a woman on Supernanny once who's nose had been broken several times by her 3 year old. I thought it was horrible that she'd LET that kid get away with such nonsense... then I HAD a 3 year old of my own. Yeah, I can see both my kids floundering around and breaking my nose, or my teeth. Terrible two's has NOTHING on the turbulent threes!

LaskiGal said...

I HAVE NO IDEA . . . I know this day is coming. I'll be blogging away spilling my guts about my frazzled nerves and spawn of Chucky myself. Ugh. I like what Lori said--consistency, routine, discipline are key (I hope!). If not, there are always drugs (for you, at least :)

Seriously . . . Hyphen mama is scaring me . . . I'm praying for the Terrific Twos and the Tanfastic Threes . . . Good luck to you. Keep us posted on the Sweetheart Bean/Chucky's kid . . .