Monday, June 30, 2008


Have you noticed you can't escape it? You walk outside and see it, you turn on the news and see it, you open a newspaper and see it, you turn on the radio and it's there, you walk into the grocery store and it's all over.
Bad news. Just all the time bad news.

  • You drive down the road and see for sale signs at every other house.
  • You dread going to the gas station because that car you drive that USED to take 22 bucks to fill now costs around 50 bucks to fill.
  • Your weekly grocery run that used to cost about 120 is now almost 200 bucks. (And that was using coupons and buying chicken!)
  • Your electric company just sent you a message that the rates will be going up about 17%.
  • The water company also sent out a message that the water bills will be going up around 15%.

It's sad isn't it? I mean the whole gas deal is causing a domino effect of everything else. It starts at the pump, goes over to groceries and other goods, affects everything from our electric bill to our HAIRDRESSER (yeah the cost to get highlights went up) and you begin to wonder when you'll catch a break.

Meanwhile while the cost of your LIFE goes up your paycheck stays the same. It's almost like a nightmare. I hear on the news about how many people are forced to choose between filling up their car to buying FOOD for their kids.

I mean we are a world power. Here we are offering aid to everyone under the sun and our own citizens are unable to live.

Please someone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

And don't blame Bush. That man gets enough flack for the world's problems. I hope that soon I wake up from this and see that it was all a very bad dream.

Opinions? Weigh in.


Poltzie said...

It's just life, what goes up must come down. THings were really great for a long time and now we are on the down slide.
I have to say that I used to hate the hub's budget and strict policy that we would NOT live on credit (which was hard because all my friends were spending money on nice toys and we were waiting) but now I'm grateful for it.
Things will be tight for the next couple of years and then they will go up again. Just my thoughts though!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

But just could have a GINORMOUS goiter AND an ass full of roids'!

Things COULD be worse!!

Did that help?

Hallie :)

Marmarbug said...

EWWWWW, well Hallie at least I won't eat any lunch today!

Lori said...

life is tough... we just have to adjust... somehow!

LaskiGal said...

Hallie cracks me up.

The $$$ is crazy. I've been doing some crazy things to cut corners and save some dough. It isn't getting any easier, but lets home that what goes DOWN must come UP . . . I'm with poltzie on that one.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Thank you for not cracking on the president. The economy has more to do with Congress (who controls the money) than anyone else! And, the stupid oil speculators who should be JAILED for making oil that isn't even out of the ground keep climbing. That would be a HUGE soapbox. Those men making millions off of the rest of us who suffer.

Have you tried It's saving me lots on groceries. And, I hear you on the everything costing more and our paycheck staying the same front.

Marmarbug said...

I have done the grocery game. I have not gotten super into it since we are between houses BUT as soon as we go back I am doing it hard core.
Oh I hate when people point fingers at the pres. I figure they are mostly too naive or ignorant to know any better.

Kellan said...

It is awful. We are all going to have to start drinking powdered milk and riding bikes - it is just ridiculous.

Have a good evening - Kellan

Hyphen Mama said...

This topic is near and dear to my heart right now. The price of fuel is THE reason my husband is losing his job in 2 months. Because? Airplanes use fuel...lots of fuel. But nobody wants to pay $900 for a plane ticket, they can't raise ticket prices. So they lay off pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers. Not that we made tons of money before (you all think pilots are making $100k a year.... it's more like $25k).

I agree with whoever said the speculators should be jailed. It's a game. A speculation GAME. They're making millions and laughing all the way to the bank while truck drivers, taxi drivers, grocery stores and airlines all fold.

Okay. I'm done. Sorry for the rant.

ummmhello said...

Oh how I wish I had an answer. My city now has the highest sales tax in the freakin nation! Times are tough, it's true.

Colleen said...

I'm with ya girl. When we saw the note that electric was going up, along with somethign else, Justin said, "these idiots realize I can't ask my boss for a 17% raise, right?"
I mean, I know the market is cyclical and has its ups and downs and some are WAY up and WAY down...but like AFF said, the Oil Speculators and others dealing with Oil, Gas, Diesal futures are the real greedy SOBs. How can they decide how much a barrel of crude oil might cost when they aren't actually purchasing and taking possession of said barrel of crude oil? They act like they're playing with Monopoly money (oh! the irony!) instead of people's life savings, their grocery money, baby-diaper money, fix the roof money...
Here's a site where you can find your elected officials (governors, senators and representatives) and email the hell outta them with your frustrations and concerns over this so-called oil crisis (no actual crisis cuz there's still craploads of it...ask the Saudis laughing their way to the banks).
And thank you so much for NOT blaming the President. He has very little to do (and very little control) over the economy and oil prices. He certainly didn't make the laws that allowed the loopholes for oil speculators and greedy mortgage lenders and stupid homeowners trying to live WAY beyond their means (dude...this one guy had $36K income and had a $600k mortgage...he doesn't take home enough to pay the interest, let alone principle!...but somehow he "qualified" for the loan). the dang soapbox.