Friday, June 6, 2008

Bean Funnies

Ah my Bean. That kid will keep me young for sure. At least in spirit. He may make me laugh so much that I am a wrinkled mess.

Latest sayings:

On Swimming

Bean: Momma I go fwimmin!
Me: Yes baby you go SWIMMING.
Bean: No Momma I FWIM, okay I told you before.

On family
(they are working in school at recognizing groups of people such as families)

Me: Bean who is in your family?
Bean: Momma, Bean, Daddy, and Biscuit.
Me: Bean what about Buckaroo?
Bean: Oh yeah him too.

On work

Bean: You go to work today Momma.
Me: Yes baby I'm going to work now.
Bean: I go to school and you go to work. Make 2 dollars today okay mom?
Gee I hope I'll make more than 2 bucks!!!

On sex

Bean: Momma, why did your pee pee fall off?
Me: Bean I was made that way. Girls are different then boys.
Bean: Oh. You really need to get one.
Me: Get what?
Bean: A pee pee like mine. Then you can pee standing up.

Gotta love it.
Oh and on a side note - swimming is still going well. That kid conks out at 8 and we don't see him the next day until close to 8am. LOVE THAT POOL!


witchypoo said...

Loving the Beanerisms! Hope he always finds something he loves to do that is healthy.

Hyphen Mama said...

ha ha ha!

my midwife told me that when her son was 3 he would CRY for girls because they didn't have the "good" pee pee like boys. He'd say "mommy, I'm so sorry you don't have one like mine." Boys, they're always so sure they've got the good kind!

OHmommy said...

I would love to pee while standing. LOL. Out of the mouths of babes!!!!

Too cute!

Laski said...

Wow. What a cutie! And so bright!

I so need a pool . . .

Poltzie said...

12 hours of sleep, can a 6 week old go swimming too?
If not I'll pay you two dollars to take him overnight lol!

Colleen said...

good thing he followed up his "you really need to get one" with a specific reason, otherwise you might be tempted to blurt out, "oh, I've got your daddy's!"

ooh! feelin' wicked tonight! darn wine. ;)

Danielle said...

It sure would be nice to pee standing up. I tink he is on to something!

Nap Warden said...

What a little cutie! Pool sounds great!

Tranny Head said...

I LOVE that he thinks you're deformed. I read this post by somebody else whose kid was just referring to the vah-jay-jay as her "butt" and when she saw her mom naked, she said, "MOM - there's HAIR on your butt!"

THAT'S badass.

And hell, I wish I could pee standing up.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...


How great would it be to pee standing up? As far as I can tell, that's the only advantage to being a male.

ummmhello said...

He is ADORABLE. "I told you before" and "Go make $2 today" are just priceless.
Mine asks me if I'm at work making dollars so I can take him to his favorite store, Target. *sigh*

kristi said...

He is too cute for words!