Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: What I have learned since High School

Since today is the anniversary of my high school graduation I thought I would do my thirteen about things that I have learned since then.

1. Those yearbooks that you slaved over trying to get everyone in the world to sign? And then treasured like a fool for weeks after school? Guess what? You don't even know where they are now, and you don't care.

2. That guy you mooned over for years in high school - you know the one that ALL of the girls thought was SO HOT? Guess where he is now? No, not in Hollywood or somewhere glamorous. He is working for an AC company. As a helper. Oh and he still lives at home.

3. Most of the time - the career you aspired for in high school? The big dream? It most likely will never happen. Why? Because when you started down that path you realized it was a little tougher than you thought. BUT - you do discover that the one thing you never thought about doing? Will become your new love.

4. The stuff you worried about back then - who is so and so going out with? Does he like me? Are they talking about me? Behind my back? Will become so silly as you grow older you'll shake your head at yourself for ever allowing yourself to waste a minute on that stuff.

5. As you get older gossip becomes more interesting - and life altering. It's not kids play anymore.

6. Most of the stuff you learn in high school you forget - unless it has something to do with your job or you actually care about it enough to keep learning it.

7. The clothes you wore? The oh so cute little duds you sported down the halls? Yeah when you get older and see the younger generation wearing that you will begin to understand why your parents freaked out over that stuff.

8. I discovered that all of the time I wished away, getting my license, going to prom, graduating and so forth is time that I will wish back for everyday.

9. I know now that the girls that I thought I would see and hang out with forever disappeared after graduation. Only the true ones stick by you through life.

10. I learned that they stuff I thought was so boring to talk about when a teenager ( politics, economy, decorating!) is now an interesting and important thing to know.

11. I learned that being with my friends although not the most important thing in the world then, is kind of important now. I will always have those memories.

12. I am glad my parents made me go to college. I know if I hadn't gone after high school I would have never gone.

13. The biggest thing I learned: high school was not hard. Many days I sat up thinking that high school was SO hard and WHY did I have to do ALL of this work. Now I look back and know that was the easy part of life. It gets much more difficult.


witchypoo said...

Good list! I would add a thought about how fat we thought we were?

Someone Being Me said...

I wish I knew how easy I had it. I thought being an adult would be so awesome. Instead it is paying bills, taxes, work, slower metabolism, car repairs, appointments, etc. It's a lot of work and responsibility. I also wish I hadn't taken my family for granted. I wish I spent more time with them when I lived with them vs spending every waking moment out with friends or on the phone with friends. Although I am definitely happier now. said...

So true! And, re: stuff you learned? I distinctly told my Algebra II teacher I DID NOT need math in my future profession, other than maybe addition & subtraction. She was livid. Told me I wouldn't be intelligent enough to take Calculus in college. Not only did I get an A in Calc, I had a computer to do all the math a history teacher needed to do...which was addition & subtraction...for grades!

Danielle said...

High school was fun but I don't miss it for a second! Things were so much simpler back then.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

great list! I remember being in high school and thinking about how hard my life was. What a freaking joke. haha.

Colleen said...

Great list...and so true.

although I think you need to add
2.a. Those ridiculously popular girls that you wanted to be friends with SO BAD but who teased you all the time and ridiculed your clothes/hair/school supplies/mode of transportation/choice in extracurricular activities are now college drop-outs who work at the Dairy Queen and CVS and live in a trashy trailer park. And they have ratty hair and bad skin and discolored teeth from smoking 2-packs a day.

or maybe that's just me....

Hyphen Mama said...

LOL to Colleen's comment!

Have you had your 10 year reunion yet? OH MY GOD. For me that was the worst hell I've endured since actually being in high school. Because at 10 years, everybody still wants to talk about the job you have, the money you make, the car you drive and DID YOU EVER GET MARRIED?

I second witchy's comment: we all thought we were fat. Ha!