Monday, June 9, 2008

Summertime and the livins easy...

Me and Bud

Or at least that used to be my motto.

I remember as a child the hot days that lasted forever, playing on the slip-n-slide, eating Popsicles that melted down my arm.

I remember the SENSES of summer. The heat of the midday sun, the smell of the sunscreen my mom slathered on me, the feel of the beach in between my toes, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, the buzzing of flies next to my ear, and the comforting coolness of my bedsheets when I finally crashed for the night.

As I grew older my ideas of summer fun changed.

Man, I can remember the teenage and young adult carefree days of summer:mornings spent lounging in bed, laying on the beach for hours uninterrupted, nights that lasted until morning.

Again, things have changed a lot since then.

There are no more days lounging on beach chairs. My night are spent asleep, and the sounds I hear consist of:




Even though things have changed since my younger years my senses still bring me back. The sunscreen smell brings back memories as I lather it on my own child, the stickiness of Popsicles is still there but now it's on Bean.

It's funny how things change. But to be honest - I wouldn't trade my new summer days for anything.


Poltzie said...

You look great in those pictures! I can't wait to have a swimmer :)

Tranny Head said...

It's true - man - I remember one summer home from college and I would wake up around 11 or 12, go to the beach all afternoon, then eat tons of fried seafood, then hook up with somebody, then pass out. Heh.

But now? Not so much - but yet now is so much better.

Someone Being Me said...

I miss those days of slip and slides and then the later days of mudslides on the beach. But I think the great thing about having kids is rediscovering the small joys of summer. Like playing in the sprinkler or water guns.

Catwoman said...

So, so very true. And isn't it funny how we want our kids to experience the same things we did?

Hyphen Mama said...

Holy crap, sister, you are HAWT.

I'm glad I get experience kid things and enjoy the summery things that go along with hot days, running through the sprinkler and the smell of sun screen. I wish I'd have grown up near a beach, but we did other fun things that constitute summer.

Colleen said...

see? I told ya I would eventually catch up on my blog-reading!

So (1)you're really hot and have no room to tease me about how tiny I might sure look great and at least you have some boobs!
(2)I really miss my carefree teenage/pre-kids summers...but like you said, somehow these are BETTER (well, except for those moments when my kid acts like a fool and manages to get sunscreen in his eyes as I'm applying it and we have the crazed screaming and eye-rinsing...that's not so good..heh!)
(3)I love seeing Bean fwimmin'!