Friday, May 30, 2008

Bean said what?

So I am a rebel and decided to make Friday blogs Bean funny blogs.
Yeah I know call the police! I am K-ARA-ZY!
So as most of us with toddlers or who one had a toddler knows they say some of the craziest damn things.
Bean is no exception to this rule.
I have noticed as he gets older what he says makes more sense. But then sometimes it still comes out as some strange sounding ChiJapaish jumbo that I just can not comprehend.

This frustrates me.

For example the other day he is getting dressed. Some days he'll do it. Other days he acts like an old man with Alzheimers and makes me do it.
Well he came running up to me and asked where his blocks were. I was busy doing something and was like, "Kid, they are in your room."
"No Mommy, my blocks were are they?"
"Kiddo in your ROOM." Great I thought he'll be just like his dad and ask me where the scissors are when he CLEARLY knows they are in the same drawer they have been in the past 4 years. I mean how hard is it to REMEMBER where they are when they have not moved in four years!!!
Ahem moving on.

"MOMMY MY BLOCKS!!!" clearly Bean was getting frustrated now as well.

I was confused. So I sat and thought what was making him so upset. While I stood there with a look of pure confusion Bean decided to take it to the next level and threw himself on the ground and became a screaming, crying mess.


Ding the light came on when I saw his naked feet.

"Oh your SOCKS!" I said.

"Uh-huh" he said sniffling a large amount of snot up his nose.


"Here kiddo" I gave him his blocks er socks.

And all was well with the world.

Now if it had been Bud that situation would have been much different. first if I had been home Bud would have yelled for me to see, "what the heck is the matter with this kid."
Or if I was out on a rare instance ALONE and not at work then Bud would have simply scooped Bean up, taken him to the car, and driven to get an ice cream cone.

And I bet he would have never noticed the bare feet.


Poltzie said...

Aww, what a good mom, I would of never figured that out!

Lori said...

ok that would have taken me a while to figure out too! of course Blake prefers to go barefooted so I probably would never have got socks out of that!

Laski said...

Ice cream=all is right with the world.

Really . . . it does :)

ummmhello said...

That's awesome :) Toddles speak a whole 'nother language, lemmetellya!
Love your blog!

Hyphen Mama said...

I swear, mommies are the ONLY ones who pay close enough attention to figure these things out!

Today Wynnie told me that the grocery list was "stupid sucky" and I about came unglued, but acted like I hadn't heard anything out of the ordinary. She MUST have learned that at preschool. I ignored it and hope she forgets "stupid sucky". Because the last thing I need is for her to start calling me stupid sucky. Really.

Catwoman said...

I mean, how hard is it for a kid to get some socks around here??? Seriously!

I had the same thing happen to me this morning, except Little Man kept asking me for his bra.

He was actually asking me for his bendy straw and didn't understand why I kept telling him that only Mamas have to wear bras.

Tranny Head said...

When I was a kid, my mom said I was in my carseat in the back and I said, "Biiiig fuck!" And then she realized I was pointing at a truck.

They try hard, right?

Mommy Mechanics said...

How funny. My four year old still cannot say his f's. It always comes out with an "s" so when he tries to say FUN he says Sun and so on. Kids are the best.

Jenni said...

My 3 year old still has trouble pronouncing, well, everything and today he was flying his matchbox truck through the air saying, "Wook, a fwying f*ck" over and over.

I hate when there's no one else around in those moments!!

Zoe said...

dear god if i took my kids for ice cream every time i didn't know what the hell they were whining about they would each weigh 200 pounds and i would be in the poor house

Colleen said...

I am totally there with you. Even though Gavin spends the bulk of his time with Justin, for some reason Justin thinks that I have the Secret Decoder Ring when Gavin's doing the jibberish. And Justin also asks me for things that I would have no idea where they are because they aren't mine and I don't touch them (like his keys or his phone)...and we won't get into all the items that fall into the same category as your scissors. ;)