Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Momma 'ook a pillar

So Bean has decided that he now likes bugs. He used to shriek and run at the mere sight of them. I have NO idea where he got that from. Ahem.

Apparently Bean has made a new guy friend (before all of his friends were girls, player in the making) at school. This little boy is obsessed with worms, creepy crawlies and all that jazz.

So of course so is Bean now. Saturday we were out in the yard and I hear " Momma 'ook a pillar."

And there was a nasty little furry catepillar. Shudder.

Bean decided to pick it up and make it his new best friend. He seriously played with that thing for hours. It rode on his 4 wheeler with him, walked around the yard on his arm, and rode on the lawnmower with Bean and Bud.

Poor catepillar was dropped several times. That is probably why it never scurried off when given the opportune moment. It was half dead.

Finally when Bean wasn't looking I made Bud put the thing on a tree. I had vision of Bean holding it too tightly and it getting squished.

Bean looked for that thing forever. I told him the pillar had to go home to his momma.

He was satisfied.

Bud said maybe Bean needs a friend, like a brother. I told him that a catepillar worked for now.

Check back tomorrow! I will post a SUPER embarrasing moment per Witchypoo's request.


Hyphen Mama said...

How cute is that? He had a little 'pillar!

When I'm gardening, if I find pilly bugs (wood louse?) I give them to Wynnie who carries them around squealing "he's tickling me". At some point she drops it in the grass and I tell her the same thing "he had to go home to his mommy".

Lori said...

that is cute! I"m glad he didn't squish it too because then you'd have to have a different kind of talk with him!

Lori said...

check out my blog... I tagged you for a meme

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Don't some of those things sting? Who am I kidding - it's not like i'm going to touch one to find out!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the 2nd kid front. But, now that ALL of my friends have infants...GOD they are cute! It makes my fallopian tubes quiver even.

I think boys naturally dig bugs. And, as moms we are supposed to think it's disgusting.

Danielle said...

awe! I love bugs. I always take them from my classroom and free them outside. Killing bugs is a big no no in my class. Your bean seems to share my love of the creep crawlies!

Colleen said...

I would've screamed and run. I don't do bugs. Period.