Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It is already time for the sex talk - to a 3 year old?

Oh boy. Y'all are gonna love this one.

On Sunday night my good friend invited us over for dinner.
A lot of our friends that we have known for years were there all of which one are childless.
Well we took Bean since everyone just loves him and why wouldn't they?
Well the one that does have kids has an older daughter who is 8. She was having a sleepover and had 2 of her little friends over. So all three girls came (the one with kids is the sister of the hostess - got it straight? Good!) Well they (the three girls and Bean) were watching Shrek. Well two of the girls decided to watch something else, (Brats!) and went in the other room leaving Bean and one of the little girls. Well I was in there with Bean chatting with my best friends husband and his friend.
Well my little Casanova decided that since he was alone with this girl he would use it. So he kept petting, yes petting, her hair. Kinda like a dog.
Then he kept trying to kiss her. I was like, "No no Bean." Meanwhile the men folk in the room are snickering and complimenting my husband for his teaching techniques.
Well then Bean took his shirt off. Not totally unusual since he does this all the time at home. He then asked the little girl, "Do you want to see my boobies?" I about died.
My BF's hubby was trying so hard not to laugh. Well at least not louder than he already was. Well then Bean told the little girl to take off HER shirt and pants. I was like "No, that's enough Bean, knock it off."
Well then he starts to UNBUTTON his pants and asked her, "You want to see my lightning mcqueen???"
I decided it was time to go. I could not believe it! He has never called his little weewee his Lightning McQueen! Of course later when we left and I was talking to my hubby we were laughing since it was funny. But now I wonder if he will do it at school. I mainly think he did it since he had such a large audience of adults but I pray and hope that he never does it again!
Ah who am I kidding? I'm just glad he is interested in the ladies. Makes my life easier.


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Oh, my! That is too funny! :0

My son went through a stage like that, I think they all do. He suddenly realized that there was a difference between himself and his female cousins, and wanted to "check" everyone to see if they were a boy or a girl! LOL

Don't worry, this too shall pass!


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . I really liked this quote. And why not call it a "Lightning McQueen?" It's no weirder than some of the other things guys come up with.

I don't think you have to worry. I was having a conversation with my friend's 5 year old one day and he just reached over and grabbed my boobs in a good old fashioned two-handed "honk honk" type grab. It was awesome. His dad thought it was less awesome, however, and he had a little talk with the kid. I told the mom that the question of "is my kid gay or not" was now definitely answered.

Zoe said...

OMG! i'd better lock up my daughter~