Friday, February 8, 2008

When did my kid become a man?

Let me tell you. Bean has really grown up in the past few months. He is cracking me up lately. Some of the phrases that come out of his mouth. I'll list a few samples of conversations he ans I have had in the past few days:

  • Bean: " Momma what is that noise?"
  • Me: "That's a plane Bean."
  • Bean: "Oh. Is it falling down?"
  • Me: "No baby. It is landing at the airport."
  • Bean: "Oh. Can I go ride it?"
  • Me: " No. Not today."
  • Bean: "Okay I fall down anyways."

Another one:

  • Me: "Bean what are you doing?"
  • Bean messing in my purse.
  • Bean: Nothing momma I need my make-up"
  • Me: "No Bean boys don't wear makeup"
  • Bean: "Yes huh I wear it"
  • Me: " Your a boy Bean"
  • Bean: " No I not I a man"


  • Me: "Bean what did you do in school today?"
  • Bean: I draw a picture and kiss a girl."
  • Me: "What! Kissed a girl who?"
  • Bean: My girfrwend chelsea"
  • Me: "Bean your too young to kiss girls."
  • Bean: "No I not I have lots of girls."
  • Me: "Your just like your uncle."

My favorite:

  • Me: "Bean NOW what are you doing"
  • Bean teeters on top of blocks he made into tower.
  • Bean: Big sigh. "Nothing momma just calm down." "Go to bed momma."

Yeah he is a trip.


Keri said...

spitting and laughing ... 'go to bed momma'... too funny !
They really do come up out of the blue with the freakin funniest things.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Very funny! Kids come up with the best stuff! Thanks for visiting my site!