Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Please tell me why...

kids have to be more up our butt when we feel like crap. Do they sense it? I have felt like a large turd since Sunday night. I have a sinus infection. Probably from this crazy VA weather. It is 75 today! Crazy. It would be great if it stayed this way but those who live here know that the weather does flip flops like this all the time.
So anyways back to my rant.
I feel like pure turd or ass - whatever you prefer. I swear Bean senses it. I am trying so hard to be a good momma but it is so hard when your nose is running like a ice cream on a hot day and your head feels like someone is hitting it with a hammer. I am hacking up one of my lungs as well. I also have a fever, yay, so I get cold and hot. Apparently according to the doc I have a severe sinus infection. Nice whatever. It sucks.
And does my hubby offer to help. No. I have to ASK. WTH?
When his butt is sick you would think he was DYING. But me, ha, I can apparently keep on going.
I asked Bud last night to give Bean a bath and put him to bed and he was like, "in a minute." I just gave him the crazy eyeball and lo and behold his butt ran upstairs to do bath. Amazing what the crazy eye is capable of.
Why can't men sense we feel bad? Actually I think they know but want to see how much they can get away with NOT doing.
But Bean is whiny. Very whiny.
He wants to be held like a baby, he wants to play house. I want him to sit quietly and watch a video. Yeah right!
Of course compared to his dad he is being a real gem. And I don't get as upset with a 3 year old like I do with a 26 year old.
Enough said.


Keri said...

my hubbie is the worst too when he's sick... always moaning about it... drives me insane. and when i'm sick... he's out in the garage and i've got two kids to take care of.

Hyphen Mama said...

It's so tough being sick and hubbys are no good at figuring out that their wife needs help! I hope you feel better soon. AND get that new job.
Thanks for stopping over at my site and taking time to leave a comment!

Zoe said...

yeah. i'm sick in bed with a migraine. the kids are screaming for lunch and where is mark? anchoring the couch to floor. i feel your pain girl!

Marmarbug said...

Glad to know I'm not alone in this. It's maddening!!!!!!