Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yep still no binky

So we still have not found the lost binky. Which is good in a way since Bean doesn't want it. I don't want to find it to give back to him. I want to find it before HE finds it and thinks binky returned to him.
I hope our three legged wonder pup ate it. Yeah our dog has three legs. He is such a cute little thing. He was hit by a car when he was 7 months old and had nerve damage that caused him to drag his leg so it had to be removed. But that does not slow him down. That pup can move. He is a real sweetie too. We have another dog, who is a huge version of a three legged one. But he has all of his limbs.
Biscuit, the big one was my first child. He was great practice for kids since he requires an insane amount of attention. He also thinks he is a lap dog. A 100 pound lap dog.
But enough about my furry kids.
So the binky is history. This is the longest Bean has ever gone without it so I am sure he is done with it.
Last night we were laying in my bed watching Bambi, or as Bean insists on calling it, Band-Aid. Yeah I have no idea how he got that one either.
But we were watching it and Bud was like, "There isn't much to this movie is there?" I said no this was right after silent movies were a huge hit. Besides I think Disney was still toying with the idea of talking animals being taken seriously.
So we watched it, and I cried when his mom died. I always do. I hate that part. Why did the mom have to die? I mean the dad was old it was his time. It pisses me off how Disney loves to kill the mom off.
But I digress. I told Bean that the mom was out looking for food. I didn't want him to know the harsh truth yet.
Other than that it was a relatively quiet night. For once!


Law Student Hot Mama said...

1. I remember the first movie I ever saw in a theater was "Bambi." And my mom cried. I was so embarassed and I have NEVER never cried watching a movie since. Ever.

2. My mom told me that my pacifier had gone to see Santa at the North Pole and tell him what I wanted for Christmas and I believed her and never asked for it again.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Bambi always makes me cry, too! Thank goodness Disney movies have gotten a whole lot happier since then! :-)


Zoe said...

i love 3 legged dogs. they are always so cute!