Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So annoyed.

Let me tell you I swear my mom can NOT get a clue sometimes. Really for a woman that I used to think was sooooo smart when I was younger I really wonder.

So we are heading up to our house this weekend to get it ready to put on the market March 1st. Mind you this house has been just sitting for the past month with no one living in it. We cut off all unecessary items (phone, cable, etc. ) but we are still paying for the power and the, gulp, mortgage. So as one can imagine we are antsy to get it on the market. I know it will continue to sit with the terrible housing market right now but at least we will know that we are trying to get rid of it.
That being said we haven't been to the house in about 3 weeks. Between Bud getting sick with the flu and my having to go to a funeral in the area last weekend we just haven't been able too. Also the last two times that we have been up my mother has guilted Bud into doing stuff at HER house. Never mind that we need to put ours on the market, it must be a priority that her stupid house gets worked on. One day Bud spent a whole day wiring her house for DirectTV. Now let me ask you does that sound like an emergency? No I do not think so.
So I was talking to my mom last night and she asked if we were coming up this weekend. I was like, "Um yeah." kicking myself the entire time for not lying about it.
"Well", she said, " I need Bud to do...." and she listed off a whole crap load of items. I was like, "Mom we need to get our house ready to put on the market." She said, "Well I just can't get ANYTHING done, I need help." (Yeah MENTAL help)
I said, "Look unless you would like to pay our mortage you'll let Bud and I work on the house."
She got all huffy and pissy. I really didn't give a shit. Talk about selfish.
So ya'll probably wonder why she needs help. Well my dad has a pretty high profile job in the Navy and is pretty much on the road 24/7. However, my mom can easily hire people. She really can.
Speaking of people who annoy me, my husband has the most obnoxious friend. We'll call him Fred. (Sorry to all of the Fred's out there)
Well the other night we went out for drinks with friends. Bud invited Fred. Without telling me.
So Fred was with his fiancee. Which is a relief since for years I was convinced Fred was gay. Actually it is still a possibility, the fiancee could be a clever cover.
Well let me begin with not only is Fred annoying but he is probably the biggest exaggerater in the world. No lie. If you met him you would understand. He's is one of those guys that will argue with you until the end. For example you can say someone's hair is blond he will argue it is brown. That should give you a generalization of how he is.
Well back to the other night. When we got there, Bud and I, it was just Fred and his woman. So Fred asked me if I had gotten a job yet. I told him yes. He asked what it was. I told him. He said, "How many calls did your dad have to make to get that job for you?" I was PISSED. I said, "Actually Fred I got this job all by my little self, I guess my COLLEGE DEGREE helped."
I said this to hit a sore spot with him since he received his GED and thinks he is a awesome. Yeah dropping out your SENIOR year. Stupid.
Bud knew I was pissed and changed the subject. Well then Fred went on and on about his suppossed 250K job he had working from home. He sounded like those late night infomercials.
At this point I said, "Fred I thought you were making 200K?" (Cause that's what he said LAST time, can't keep his lies straight.)
"I never said that, it has always been 250K." He said.
At this point our other REAL friends arrived and one said, "I like to go to work, interacting with people, actually feeling like I did something." This pissed Fred off. So he retorts, "Well I get to sit in my pajamas all day and work."
I said, "So nothing has changed huh?"
He decided he didn't want to talk anymore. Idiot. I hate people who brag about their incomes. I really do. Who cares how much you make? I won't like/dislike you anymore. I mean and the fact that he LIES about what he makes just floors me. Why would you lie about that.


Zoe said...

sounds like my hubby's friend. who i know is secretly gay and in love with my hubby. he can have him.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...


Well, I agree with you completely, you should never discuss salaries amongst friends, that's never good! Fred sounds like he's really unhappy to me. Sometimes people who boast about themselves and put others down are doing it because they have a low opinion of themselves to begin with. He made some bad life choices and he probably is realizing that now that he sees his friends becoming more successful. Instead of being angry with him (which you have every right to be) maybe try seeing his situation with empathy? He probably doesn't know how to get himself out of the hole he's dug. You are light years ahead of this guy, don't worry about it! :)


Marmarbug said...

I have tried for years to not let hime bother me, I have hit my limit. Only becasue he tried to embarass my job status.

Keri said...

Dontcha just love people like that.!.
I get the people now who ask what i do for a living... when i answer i stay home with my kids.. you get this soooo sad 'ohhhh'.. like they're freakin sorry for me. I always retort 'yes, i know i have the best most important job one can do' usually embarreses them and shuts them up.

and your mom.... let her hire a 'hubbie'... next time she starts saying she needs work say you can help her find a great handy man in her area so the SHE wont have to wait for your hubbie

Marmarbug said...

Good idea Keri! Oh I used to hate when people asked what I did when I SAH. They acted like I didn't work! I was like I bet I do more crap than you do ALL day!