Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm already lagging in my posts.

And I just started my job!
Anywho I love the new job. I have my own office that I can not wait to decorate. My 2 bosses that I support are really nice and laid back and I have a feeling this will be where I work for years to come. So I am excited about that!
Let's see what else. Oh Valentine's Day was yesterday. Keri wrote a really sweet post reminding us what the day is really about but I must fuss since I am kind of no REALLY pissed at my hubby.

Yes I know that the day is meant to signify our love and yada yada. But when we first started dating 10 years (yes 10 years ago!), I swear he tried a heck of a lot harder at holidays.
I mean I am not asking for a five course meal at a fancy doo da restaurant but I do expect things like A CARD!, maybe just maybe dinner MADE for me, SOMETHING!
A little history for ya. Our first V-day together I was 15 Bud was 16. We had just had a major car accident 2 months earlier and were still recovering.
Well I bought him silk heart boxers, a heart cookie cake that said "Be mine." (That's how hubby asked me out.) He bought me a locket.
It was so sweet and we went to dinner.
Now fast forward to today. Last night we had SLOPPY JOES for dinner with the entire family. It sucked. I mean he could have made me dinner or SOMETHING. I got no card. No flowers.
Well I said something to him and he said, "I bought you a necklace last week." A default gift. Nice.
Anyways needless to say he DID NOT get lucky last night.


Lizzy in the Burbs said...


You're new job sounds wonderful, and your own office to decorate? Whoo-hoo! That's awesome!

Gosh, you're working full time, you have a little boy, a house, laundry, shopping, etc.,..and you don't have time to blog?? :) I can't imagine why!

Sorry your V-day wasn't the best. Maybe hubby will make it up to you this weekend?!

Take care!