Friday, March 28, 2008

Things kids do that I ponder on

Okay so being a first time mom and the youngest of three I never really was around other kids YOUNGER than me. I never was really around babies for long periods of time or anything. So when I had my son I began to wonder about certain things he did.

For instance:
1. Why do kids repeat themselves over and over again? Like if you ignore a question they never get the hint. They just keep asking you until you go cross eyed and say, "BECAUSE!!!"

2. What is the deal with stacking? It is udder facisnation to Bean. He can stack for hours. And gets angry each time his tower falls down.

3. Where is the fear level? Bean will climb/scale anything. He has never shown fear for this but will show gear if held upside down. Weird.

4. What is the obsession with private parts? I mean I understand it is all new but when does the newness wear off?I mean Bean is still obsessed with the tallywagger he discovered as an infant. I guess it has something to do with being a boy.

5. Why do little girls pull dresses over their head? I mean I do it sometimes to get Bud's attention (LOL) but what is the excitement being that young?

6. Why does EVERYTHING have to be theirs? I mean I am talking about stuff they never cared about before. Like a piece of paper. It has to be ALL THEIRS when held in the hand of another.

7. Why do they eat food off the floor? Now it has been a long time since Bean has done this, I still have to stop Bud sometimes, and usually our floors are clear from being constantly monmitored by two dogs. But where is the yum factor in an old M&M covered in lint. I mean at least pick it off.

8. What is the need for destruction? Bean can tear anything up in a matter of minutes. Then he cries when I throw the destroyed item away. um hello? I have done it a billion times in the past. Remember?

9. Poop talk is all the rage. Bean loves to tell random people that he made a huge poop. It is so fun.

10. Why is that no matter what crazy thing they do we just love them to pieces?


Lori said...

ahhhhh all good questions... and sadly I hate to tell you... there are NO answers to them... except the last one. we love them because well... just because!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let me know if you discover the answers to any of these - particularly #8! It is a good thing they are so cute and cuddly, or the newness would have worn out a long, long time ago!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I eat crap off the floor. I'll admit it.

Keri said...

Being the baby of three also...
got not one clue to the answers, but please oh please pass along any that you discover..
(my bean's into the repition thing too...*insert sound of my hair being torn out by me here*)

Hyphen Mama said...

Ain't it great? All kids are alike, boy or girl! Wynnie still loves touching herself, poo talk is her favorite, eating food off the floor, repeating the same thing. YUP. I can't wait 'til Mack starts it all, too. Then I'll go completely freaking insane!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ah pulling the skirts over their head it sooo true. I don't know why they do is just odd...well at that age :)

LaskiGal said...

We are dealing with #4 right now. Ugh.

Old Knudsen said...

Kids are idiots, I tried to hold a conversation with a 4 year-old and he pointed and called me a loser, of course I had done it first but still the youth of today don't know they are born, you have to tap them on the shoulder and tell them, and do they thank you ? no they say stop touching me mister. The Spartans had the right idea of military service from the age of 7 that'll sort them out.

I hope this answered yer questions.

yer welcome