Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So I decided I want to be a vampire...

so I can marry Edward.
Wait did I just write that? Oh God I did.
Whatever anyone that reads the Twilight series knows how I feel. I just finished the first book. My silly old life kept getting in the way so last night I just sat up and read it.
And let me tell you? It was AWESOME. I am going out today to get book #2. I hear through the grapevine that I may not like Edward in the coming books but phsaw! to them. I am in LOVE with him.
Love. Love. Love.

Okay let me snap out of it.
So want to hear JUST how BRILLIANT I am? You do? Well since we had left our old home vacant for so long my yard was a bit of a mess. (Not like it was awesome before I have a black thumb).
So due to my lack of gardening skills I had several very tall plants growing. Some of you MAY refer to them as weeds.
Well I was all set on pulling them all out of my flower beds. I tugged and pulled on those suckers but I got em out.
Well my dear Bud noticed we had several patches of poison ivy around the yard. (We live on 4 acres) and bought some killer for them.
Well he called me this morning and asked if I had any itching or redness on my hands.
Nope I told him.
But then I was like, "Gee honey why do you ask?"
Turns out those weeds I was pulling? POSION SUMAC.
Yeah. I am the SMARTEST girl ever.
But I think I should be okay. It's been 4 days and nothing.
Pray for my wittle hands.
Now I leave you with the Twilight trailer. Oh yes you will LURVE it.


ummmhello said...

I've thought about reading that series, but I'm afraid of horrid disappointment. Are you a fan of Anne Rice's vampire series? Or the Covenant with the Vampire series? (Or do I just read too many vampire books??)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Poison sumac is not fun to deal with. Be happy you are rash free!

Hallie :)

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I will have to check out this vampire, thanks for the utube.

HMMMM I have my case of poison sumac itch let me tell you that you are not stupid, I still run across and couldn't tell you what it looks like... so don't feel back b/c i'm a country girl LOL

Amanda Fullerton said...

Here are two more trailers...


I'm so glad you're enjoying the series, and you can have Edward. EMMETT is MINE!! haha!

PBandJ said...

I just heard from ANOTHER person today that I HAVE to read this series. My monthly trip to the bookstore will include the purchase of at least the first book (usually I buy the whole series at once, but sometimes gets expensive). I cannot wait!

the planet of janet said...

ha! you don't have to be a vampire to marry edward.

you just have to be a clumsy -- and whiney -- overly obsessed teen living in the middle of nowhere who is blind to her own appeal.

oh, and it doesn't hurt to hang around with werewolves while you're at it.


Hyphen Mama said...

One summer I was obsessed with Anne Rice's vampire books. I was SO obsessed with Lasher. I still have visions of Lasher. I'm afraid if I do that with Twilight, I'd need serious therapy.

Did you already move then? Or you just went to pull weeds?

Mommy Mechanics said...

I just don't know if I could get into the vampire thing. I guess you never know, maybe i'll have to try it out.

Nap Warden said...

I am the last person on earth who hasn't read this series! Book. Time. None:(

Marmarbug said...

Hyphen - I move back the last week of the month. I am actually ready now. My MIL is finally starting to work my last nerve!!!

Nap Warden - No time to read here so I gave up sleep! LOL

Danielle said...

Yikes sounds like something I would do. I have never heard of that series of books. I'll have to check it out. said...

Hon? That's not one of the trailers. That isn't James Pattison. There are two. You can find both on imdb and the Twilight movie site.

Glad you are loving it, too. You and Steph at Sugar & Spice are both on #2. I love the way Edward's gripping everybody.

Marmarbug said...

You are the second one to tell me that!!! I am changing it.

Stephanie said...

Love! Love! Love! I want to be a vampire too...but only with Edward. I'm on #3 and am about overcome with love for the guy. Wow, wow, wow...I want one of him.

Colleen said...

wow...I think you're one of the like 1 or 2% of the population that isn't sensitive to poison sumac! Lucky you! :)