Thursday, October 16, 2008

No stork lies here

So, I think Bean is going to be a doctor some day. Or a very confused kid. I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to see if I am paying for med school or psychologist.
Are you confused yet? Let me explain.

Bean loves to watch Discovery Health. My mom said it isn’t a good idea for him to watch it but I figure it’s educational. Blood does not seem to faze that kid. Well unless it’s his blood. That’s different.

Bean is actually quite interested in the baby shows. You know Birth Story? Well I should have known that all of this would lead to the question. You know THE QUESTION.

“Mommy where do babies come from?” Bean asked.
“Ummmm well they are made by God (thankfully he asked this AFTER we started going to church.). I replied
“How does God make them Mommy?” Bean asked.
“He just...does.” Oh man this is TOUGH!
“How do they get in your tummy?”he asked again
“Ummm…God puts them there.” I stammered.
“Why?”he asked
“Because when God makes them they are VERY small and need to grow.” I answered.
“Oh but why does the Mommy get them?”Bean wondered.
“Because our belly stretches.” I replied.
Bean puffs out his belly.
“Mine does too Mommy.” Bean said.
“Well a Mommy’s can stretch REALLY big.” I answered.
“Oh, was I in YOUR belly Mommy?” Bean asked.
“Yes baby you were a long time ago.” I said, kind of sadly.
“Yes I was in there, I remember.”
“You do?”
“Mmmmhmmm, can I go back in there Mommy?”
“Uh no, you won’t fit.”
Then I turned on Max and Ruby. This subject had to change!!!

Men spend 9 months trying to get out and the rest of their lives trying to get back in. Next time this comes up - it is all Bud.


Lori said...

lol... don't you love fielding these questions.... NOT

Nicki said...

LOL!!! Yep, he's got an inquisitive mind! A similar conversation happened in my house when Little Bear asked Diana where babies come from. Diana, who forgot that Little Bear has a 1-year-old sister whose birth is still fresh in her mind, tried to tell the stork story. But Little Bear retorted, "No, mom, I think babies come out of your vagina!" Uh.... oh well.
By the way, I TAGGED you at my blog!

ummmhello said...

My little one is almost obsessed with having babies. He even told me when he's a grown up, he's going to grow a baby himself, bc he saw it on TV. Fairly OddParents, not Oprah :) Thank goodness he hasn't started asking the probing questions yet!

witchypoo said...

Good question fielding! Never ever say you don't know. They will pronounce you helplessly stoopid.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

LOL he has to know momma,,, come on he just wants a baby sister or brother HA!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Enjoy these "simple" times while you have them. Try having to have the oral sex conversation with your 13 year old when the school sends home a note saying that blow job parties are currently all the rage.

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.


Colleen said...

I told Gavin the same story my mom told me: when a mommy and daddy love each other enough, they have a baby. It seemed to work for him at the time, but I don't think it will work when the subject comes up again. But I like your idea of sending him to daddy instead.

Jozet at Halushki said...

LOL...ah yes, welcome to my world where the simple answer just isn't enough.

In a few years you'll become a virtual Encyclopedia Britannica after looking up the answers to all the questions.

Not that you didn't *know* the answer to the "where do babies come from" question, lol. My answer was "from a bottle of wine and a red lace bra."

Kellan said...

What a cute conversation and that last line - perfect!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Karen said...

I agree - you've had your talk. Let Daddy take care of it next time.

Why are questions sometimes the hardest parenting parts of all?

Nap Warden said...

Oh my...Max & Ruby is a lifesaver;)

Hyphen Mama said...

hahahahaha....I'm not exactly sure how I'll answer that with Mack. Wynnie knows that babies are in Mommy's tummy, she remembers when Mack was "in there". She's consumed with telling me that she has 3 babies in her tummy and they eat her food.

WWoW's comment about *blow job* parties would make me absolutely flip out.

U can't right this...... said...

I love the story, super cute makes me want one and then I realize they grow up to be self absorbed teenagers, scary! I think its funny that he watches discovery health. I grew up watching that stuff and I'm perfectly well adjusted.

Julie said...

So funny. Their little brains, so full of questions!!

Emily thinks she will become small again and be a baby. So cute!

LaskiGal said...

Ha ha!!! Good call.

I've already told T that it is all him once J starts asking those questions. ALL HIM.

BTW, I've already told him the ENTIRE story, so my job is done. Granted he was six months old and had no idea what I was saying . . . I still did it! DONE!